Debussy La Boîte à joujoux. Jonel Perlea (Remington)

I have been uploading various recordings from my collection for some time now on and several other forums, but I thought it would be nice to collect these in one area. This won’t happen overnight, but here’s a start. For those who are not fans of Rapidshare’s hosting service, I apologize in advance. That is where I have hosted my files, because they will remain there as long as I’m a paying member, so it insures that these files will be there for the long haul.
I found this LP in the $1 bin at Princeton Record Exchange the last time I visited there, and was pleasantly surprised by the conducting AND the sound quality, which is above average for Remington. The quality of the RIAS SO playing will be no surprise to fans of Ferenc Fricsay, who turned this group into a rival to at least one other major orchestra in Berlin! I don’t know much of the Roumanian-born Perlea’s output, but he recorded quite a bit for Vox and Remington in the 50’s, and is not unknown in the opera houses of the period either. My first recording of the Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique happened to be his Vox LP, but I haven’t heard it in decades now.

Debussy: La Boîte à joujoux (The Box of Toys)
RIAS Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jonel Perlea.
Remington R-199-159. Recorded c. 1953

Note: I re-transfered this in 24 bit, and have done a 16 bit Flac as well, since my original upload was mp3 only!

This page:
has some information on Perlea/RIAS/Remington, including an admiring note from the conductor on the quality of the RIAS orchestra.

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