Van Beinum, Part 2. Schubert Symphony No. 5 & Beethoven Overtures

As promised, here are more of Eduard van Beinum’s Decca recordings. The Schubert was originally issued on 78rpm, but this copy is from an early Decca Lp issue. There was a cd release of this recording on Dutton, but it’s an odd sounding mastering, effective in a certain way, but it doesn’t sound very much like the original pressings. The lp issue is very unusual because there is a actually a side break in the middle of the slow movement!

These Beethoven Overtures were issued in a number of forms, in the UK on three 10″ Deccas (LW, 5015-7), in the US also on three 10″ Londons (LD 9021/22/24), but also a 12″ London (LL 357). The Creatures of Prometheus Overture is also included, but I believe it’s the same version that is a part of the Lp with a more complete selection of ballet music. Van Beinum also recorded the Leonore Overtures Nos. 1 & 2 with the LPO on 78, and an earlier Egmont Overture, included in one of my earlier posts (Van Beinum 78s). Something I didn’t know about , until looking at Michael Gray’s excellent Decca label discography on the CHARM website, is an earlier version of the Consecration of the House Overture, recorded April 11, 1950, and apparently issued on that London Lp (LL 357). I have a Richmond lp (with the stampers ARL 753/4). If anyone could confirm that this is the same as the London Lp, I’d be curious to know. I’ll compare them as soon as I am able. (Note: a kind reader has informed me that the Consecration of the House exists only in one version, which was recorded April 11, 1950. Thanks!)

SCHUBERT: Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major, D485
Decca AX451/3 (78 issue)
Decca LX 3082, London LPS 253 (10″ Lp)
Recorded September 17, 1946
Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

Egmont Overture
Coriolan Overture
Leonore Overture No. 3
Consecration of the House Overture
Creatures of Prometheus Overture
Fidelio Overture
Recorded February 25, 27 – 29 & March 19, 1952, Kingsway Hall, London
(Consecration of the House recorded
April 11, 1950)
London Philharmonic Orchestra
(transfered from a 1975 Japanese London Lp: SOL 5015)
The Schubert IS in the first file (which is mp3 format), but I thought I would provide it in Flac as well.

I just realized that I uploaded the wrong files for the Schubert, before I compensated for the non-RIAA curve! The recording, despite being one of the better early Decca Lp versions of one their 78 originals, still has numerous problems to be dealt with, and every movement seems to have a completely different level, eq, etc. Anyhow, here’ s a new link for it, in a Flac version for a change. I’ve actually redone the Beethoven as well…I didn’t realize how off center the record was until I was listening again today. Sorry about having to download everything again!

Note: Here is the list of contents for the Van Beinum 78s file mentioned above:

Smetana: The Moldau
Dvorak: Slavonic Dance in Ab, Op. 46, #6

Decca X 10253/4; matr. AM 1822/5, rec. 9/49
Beethoven: Egmont Overture
Decca X 10258, matr. AM 1832/3, rec. 9/49
Brahms: Haydn Variations. (LPO)

Decca AX 299/300, matr. AR 13507/10, rec. 5/2/49

Sibelius: The Swan of Tuonela.

Telefunken SK 3236, matr. 02640/1, rec. 9/41

Wagenaar: The Taming of the Shrew Overture.

DGG 68237, matr. 2357, 2368 GE 5, rec. 5/43)

Dvorak: Slavonic Dances: in A, Op. 46, #5; in Gminor, Op. 46, #8

Polydor 68238, rec. 9/43

All are COA except the Brahms.

And also, here is a single item that Ward Marston recently acquired, and transfered (thanks Ward!), the rare Telefunken version of the Brahms Haydn Variations.

Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Haydn
November 24-26, 1941
Telefunken SK 3746/7
Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

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