Van Beinum Part 3. Handel Suites, Mozart Symphony No. 33, Schubert Rosamunde excerpts

Continuing with more Decca recordings conducted by Eduard van Beinum, this Mozart is the flip side of the Haydn 94th available from Australian Eloquence on a CD coupled with the Haydn 96th & 97th Symphonies. If anyone has this lp, they know that there’s a bad pitch change in the middle of the last movement, which I’ve corrected. The 2nd movement is actually sharp by the same amount as the last part of the 4th. This recording WAS issued on 78 rpm, so it is probably a result of still having to chop up the recording into 78 side length segments that led to these editing problems on the lp release. Curzon’s early Lp Beethoven Emperor Concerto is notorious for these kind of problems, and amazingly they stand uncorrected in the modern Cd issue by Decca!

Van Beinum’s Handel Water Music recording for Philips in 1958, is much more familiar these days, and, being one of his stereo recordings, has been reissued numerous times. But this version of the shorter Hamilton Harty suite packs a pretty good sonic wallop still, and faced with the obvious zest of the performances both of these suites, I’m not sure authenticity is much of a concern! The Jeremiah Clarke Trumpet Voluntary, as it’s commonly known was included with the Handel suites only on the UK Decca issue for some reason. My copy is from a 10″ Argentinian London pressing.

I had assumed that the whole of the three Schubert Rosamunde excerpts from the original Lp release were included on the first of the Decca Original Masters boxed cd sets, but only the Overture is included. I didn’t see any point in leaving out the Overture, so that is a duplication for you Van Beinum cd completists. I have used a Richmond Lp pressing for this transfer.

HANDEL: Water Music suite (arr. Harty)
London Philharmonic Orchestra

London LLP214, LL 760 , Decca LXT 2792

Recorded May 4, 1950 in Kingsway Hall

HANDEL: Music for the Royal Fireworks (arr. Harty)
Decca LX3096, LXT 2792. London LL
Recorded May 19, 1952

CLARKE: Prince of Denmark’s March
Decca LX3096, LXT 2792. London LS620

Recorded May 19, 1952

MOZART: Symphony No. 33 in B-flat major, K. 319
Decca LXT2686. London LL491

Recorded September 1 & 24, 1951

SCHUBERT: Rosamunde, D797 – Ballet music (3 excerpts)
Decca LXT2770. London LL622

Recorded May 1, 1952

Eduard van Beinum, conductor
Concertgebouworkest in all works except the Water Music Suite.


Here are the back covers for the Handel and Mozart Lps:

Here’s one more “extra”, an article by Alexander Ringer about Van Beinum from the August 31, 1957 issue of the Saturday Review. The only copy I have is a photocopy, so I’m afraid the scan isn’t very clean:

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