Acoustic Polydor orchestral recordings transfered by Ward Marston (Pfitzner, Fried, von Hausseger, Klemperer)

Hans Pfitzner

Siegmund von Hausegger

If you are a Polydor acoustic orchestral recording maven, then I think I might have a thing or two of interest today! And also, this is the first time that this blog has featured the transfer work of Ward Marston, who as many of you know from my postings elsewhere, has been generous enough to transfer various recordings that he feels are of less commercial potential, and make them available at a steep discount….that is, for free! I can’t even begin to thank Ward enough for his generosity over the years, and of course, his expertise in audio restoration hardly needs an introduction. Over time I will try and organize the various uploads of his work that I have hosted, notably the recordings of Albert Coates, which will have a new installment or two over the next few weeks! If you value what Ward does, please do visit his Marston Records site, and support his wonderful work! By the way, if any of you missed it, there’s a very nice New York Times article on Ward that you can access here. You may need to register if you haven’t visited the NY Times site before.

Fritz Busch & Hans Pfitzner

Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in Bb, Op. 60
Hans Pfitzner, conductor

Berlin State Opera Orchestra

Polydor 69663/7 (matr. 377 1/2-78-79-80-81-82 az)

Recorded August, 1924

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F, Op. 68

Hans Pfitzner, conductor
Neues Symphonie-Orchester, Berlin

Polydor 69642/7 (matr. 239/41 az, 235/38 az, 1412/15 as)

Recorded December, 1923

Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 in F, Op. 93: mvt. 2 (Allegretto scherzando)

Hans Pfitzner, conductor

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Polydor 69647b (filler to Sym. 6)(matr. 1405 1/2 as)

Recorded December, 1923


Liszt: Mazeppa
Oskar Fried, conductor

Polydor 66117/8 (matr. 2000-03 as)

Recorded January, 1926

Liszt: Tasso, Lamento a Trionfo
Weber: Abu Hassan Overture (side 6)

Siegmund von Hausegger, conductor

Polydor 69812/4 (matr. 2117-18-19-20 1/2-21, 2113 1/2 as)

Recorded September, 1925

Bruckner: Symphony No. 8: mvt. 3 (Adagio)
Otto Klemperer, conductor

Polydor 69764/67 (matr. 1770 1/2-71-72-73-74-75 as)

Recorded December, 1924

Berlin State Opera Orchestra (all of the above)

Dittersdorf: String Quartet No. 5 in Eb: mvt. 2 (Andante)
Wendling Quartet

Polydor 69764b (filler to Bruckner)(matr. 23 as)

Note: If you are burning all of these to cd, the two Pfitzner Beethoven files don’t quite fit on one disc, but the 8th Symphony mvt. will fit with the other disc as a filler.


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9 Responses to Acoustic Polydor orchestral recordings transfered by Ward Marston (Pfitzner, Fried, von Hausseger, Klemperer)

  1. David says:

    Wow!!!! I’ve belatedly arrived here, but what a treasure-trove this page is!! Thank you, to you & to Ward Marston (many of whose opera transfers I have bought!)

  2. David says:

    I found the ‘competing’ Frieder Weissmann set of the 6th over on Shellackophile (I think!) & what fun it has been hearing them side by side. And also beside MetroGnome’s (I think!) Strauss recordings of late Mozart. Pfitzner’s 4th stands up well I thought – flexible but sensible, rather like Strauss’s Mozart. But his 6th is just so extreme, both in the constantly changing tempo & the basic tempos, & in lingering over detail, that it’s hardly an every-day 6th! Is it just that, in this more ‘familiar’ (presumably) music, he felt the need to be individual? It seems an odd thing to do in a (nearly) first recording, though perhaps if he knew about the Weissmann recording he (or the Polydor team) decided to make one as different as possible to ensure sales weren’t damaged?? Either way it’s been a great joy to hear these early views on Beethoven. Thank you!

  3. fattoxxon says:

    (Oh no it’s me again!)

    I just listened to the ‘ragbag’ of acoustics – – I’d not even really looked at what was in there so was astonished to find epic works by Liszt & Bruckner, in important recordings. Loved the early Klemperer, a fascinating thing to record on 78s. So I couldn’t *not* say thank you!!

  4. i am new to this site but it gas become one of all time favorites.the stuff you have put up is out of this world great.thanks so much.
    any chance for Beethoven symphonies with Weissmann conducting-all acoustic
    the last download with Fried,Hausseger,Klemperer,etc does not work.when I click on Rapid share says it has been removed.Can this link please be restored.would love to hear these items
    thanks again for everything you have done.we owe you so much for all these treasures

    • tatifan says:

      I’ll try and upload as many of these as I can….I need to double-check because Ward Marston now has some of this material through Andrew Rose’s Pristine Audio, and he asked me, naturally, not to offer free versions of those. I’ll do the best I can!

      • Dear. That worries me. Not your position or that of Ward. The concern is what I’ve heard from Pristine Audio seems to be heavy on the “revisionism” “gimmicks,” an antithesis of the clean transfer. Have they “done a 180”?

  5. tatifan says:

    I just went through the Pristine Audio listings, and none of these recordings seems to be there, but I’ll have to check with Ward again whether they are on the future offereings from them. In any case, any of Ward or Mark Obert-Thorn’s work that Andrew Rose offers is left absolutely untouched. Pristine is simply distributing the work of these guest engineers.

    • Neli,
      thanks for your comments.I’d rather have your transfers.they are true to the originals.the less work done the better.and that goes for accoustics too.the engineers back then knew what they were doing.They don’t need our help.We are not on their level.your site has 78’s no one else has.There are so many great performances with Von Schillings,Ed.Mourike, Weissmann,eyc, that no one touches
      best wishes and so many thanks,

    • Very glad to hear that Mr Rose is leaving them untouched! Thanks for the reply. Agree with George’s sentiments, your offerings are certainly appreciated.

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