Fritz Lehmann. Odeon recordings, Part 2

As promised, here is another installment of the Odeon recordings made by conductor Fritz Lehmann, in the early 1940s. This period of Lehmann’s discography has been completely bypassed in terms of reissues. I can’t claim intimate familiarity with Franck’s Rédemption, but I was surprised to find that the other 78 era recording that I own, conducted by Piero Coppola, is three minutes quicker than Lehmann’s! He is especially spacious at the ends of several of the sides. Certainly the Brahms, Wolf and the overtures find Lehmann in more familiar and idiomatic terrain. I think he also makes a fine case for the Sibelius. I don’t know the Jochum version for DG, but I was certainly more convinced by this version than by Kurt Sanderling’s glacial version for Eterna (although I admire other parts of that cycle very much).

Brahms: Variations of a theme by Joseph Haydn, Op. 56a
Odeon O 50233/4 (matr. xxB 8960/3)
Recorded April
7-15, 1942
in Brussels, Palais de Beaux Arts

Franck: Rédemption – Morceau Symphonique
Odeon O 9148/9 (matr. xxB 8940/3)
Recorded April 7-15, 1942

Sibelius: Night Ride & Sunrise, Op. 55
Odeon O 7958/9 (matr. xxB 8786/9)

recorded April 14, 1941, Berlin

Wolf: Italian Serenade
Odeon O 3604 (matr. xxB 8816/7)
Recorded May 14, 1941, Berlin
(with Rudolf Nel, viola)

Weber: Preziosa Overture
Odeon O 7934 (matr. xxB 8722/3)

Recorded June 21,1940, Berlin

Suppe: Light Cavalry Overture
Odeon O 7921 (matr. xxB 8706/7)
April 1, 1940, Berlin

Brussels Radio Orchestra (Brahms, Franck)
Orchester des Deutschen Opernhauses, Berlin (everything else)

and a couple of non-Odeon bonus tracks:

Mozart: Magic Flute Overture
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
DG 72237b (Variable Micrograde pressing)
Recorded June 24, 1951,
Berlin, Jesus-Christus-Kirche

Schubert: Psalm 23, D. 706
Michael Raucheisen, Piano
Diana Eustrati, Alto
Berlin Motet Choir
DG 18 101/2
November 27, 1952 & 27 January 27, 1953,
Berlin, Jesus-Christus-Kirche.

(this is the one item in the 2 lp set of Schubert’s Rosamunde Incidental Music, currently available on a single Cd, that didn’t fit on that release)


If anyone has an interesting photo of Lehmann they would like to share, I’d love to hear from you….there aren’t very many that I’ve been able to find.

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3 Responses to Fritz Lehmann. Odeon recordings, Part 2

  1. I have a DGG 12″ lp with 8 Mozart overtures with Lehmann and the Berlin Phil. I have transferred the lp to cd with the noise and clicks removed, I would be interested in selling the lp or copies of my transfer.

  2. neil-any chance you can put this back up.when i tried to download,Rs says no longer available
    I love Lehmann

    • tatifan says:

      Yes, I will try to get this up again. I realize now that back in these early posts I didn’t create lossless versions, so I may have a little bit of housekeeping to do on the files. Thanks!

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