Vincent D’Indy & Federico Mompou play their own works

Here are several rare recordings of Vincent D’Indy and Federico Mompou playing their own piano works. I don’t believe they are available as reissues. Mompou made a beautiful series of stereo recordings of his own works for Ensayo, which have been transfered to Cd, but these are much earlier 78rpm recordings. I don’t know the recording dates, unfortunately. I have included pdf files of the D’Indy scores which are available at I don’t know if there are other recordings of D’Indy playing, so if anyone knows more information, please let me know. Thanks to Ward Marston, who provided cdr copies of these rarities!

Vincent D’Indy:
Poeme Des Montagnes,
Op. 15, No. 2: Danses Rhythmiques
Tableaux de Voyage, Op. 33, No.9: Départ matinal

Disque Gramophone W 506 (matr. Cc 3069/70)

Tableaux de Voyage, Op. 33:
No.4: Lac Vert
No.8: Halte, au Soir
No.6: La Poste
Disque Gramophone P 472 (matr. Cc 3071/2)
Recorded June 7, 1923

Federico Mompou:
Cançon y danza, Nos. 1 & 2
Disco Gramofono AA 172 (matr. BJ 2830/1)

Cançon y danza, Nos. 3 & 4
Disco Gramofono AA 175 (matr. BJ 2869, 2827)

Chopin-Mompou: Waltz in A Minor
Disco Gramofono AA 177 (matr. BJ 2865, 2864)

Note: Somehow, the wrong Mompou files were plugged into my upload folder, which were taken from an older dubbing I made at Ward’s, without the prominent hum removed. I have now replaced these and added the 3rd Disco Gramofono 78, which I did not have in the original upload. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have now added Flac versions as well.

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2 Responses to Vincent D’Indy & Federico Mompou play their own works

  1. Pianoguy says:

    Those are lovely! For librarians out there, the Mompou “Secret” is #8 from “Impresiones intimas.” It’s one of the most ravishing things he ever composed.

  2. dc says:

    the third link seems to be dead

    By the way, hi, I was going to wait to write a comment until I had spent some more time here, but, now’s as good a time as any I suppose, so I’ll just say for now that this site is simply astonishing. I’ve only just started going through all the posts, but already I’ve found some bits that have just blown me away. Music like I never heard. The Ravel is playing at the minute and making me very, very, very happy.

    All the best

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