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Paul van Kempen. Previous uploads added

I have added links to the previous five Cds of van Kempen transfers that I worked on before starting this blog. Scroll down to the bottom of the first van Kempen post.  

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Corrected Mompou files posted

Somehow, the wrong Mompou files were plugged into my upload folder, which were taken from an older dubbing I made at Ward’s, without the prominent hum removed. I have now replaced these and added the 3rd Disco Gramofono 78, which … Continue reading

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Paul van Kempen Polydor 78s. Pt. 2

Continuing with more Polydor 78rpm era recordings by conductor Paul van Kempen (shown above in his earlier role as violinist, in the Concertgebouw orchestra, among others), here are more rarities from the collection of my friend, Mike Gartz. The recorded … Continue reading

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Paul van Kempen. Polydor 78s, pt. 1

Before I started this blog, one of my big projects (posted over at RMCR) was transfering about 5 cds worth of 78 era recordings by Dutch conductor Paul van Kempen (1893-1955), who’s Lp recordings have been available on cd for … Continue reading

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Břetislav Bakala conducts works of Janáček

Rafael Kubelik and Bakala I’ve tried to bring together some unavailable recordings of Czech conductor, and pupil of Janáček, Břetislav Bakala (1897-1958). Supraphon has a cd of his versions of the Glagolitic Mass and Sinfonietta (the latter in a Czech … Continue reading

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Pavel Štěpán plays Josef Suk & Schubert (Supraphon LPs)

Here are some early recordings by the Czech pianist Pavel Štěpán (1925-1998), from mid-50s Supraphon LP issues. He recorded a set of the complete piano works of composer Josef Suk in the late 1970s (issued in a 3 cd set … Continue reading

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Issay Dobrowen conducts Tchaikovsky (Philharmonia Orchestra, 1946/7)

Today, I offer for your enjoyment, freshly transfered 78 rpm recordings with the (at that time) newly formed Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Russian born Itschok Zorachovitsj Barabejtsjik, better known as Issay Dobrowen (1891-1953) . Although his concerto recordings with such … Continue reading

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