Albert Coates. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 (1922 recording) & Borodin

My postings have been fast and furious the past several days, so scroll down for more new items…. there’s more on the way!

I thought I might have more new Albert Coates to share from my trip back east, but never fear, there is quite a bit more on the way, via Ward Marston, who is a big Coates fan, and has a comprehensive collection to prove it! Meanwhile, many of us have heard this acoustic Tchaikovsky 5th via Bill Anderson’s excellent transfer posted a while back. But if Ward says he wants a crack at the recording, who am I to say no?! This version of the Borodin hasn’t circulated before, to my knowledge. So, with gratitude to Ward once more, enjoy!

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5 in E Minor, Op. 64
HMV D 759/64 (recorded October-December, 1922)

Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini
HMV D 951/52 (matr. Cc 5272/72, 5290)

Recorded October 22 & 24, 1924

Borodin: Prince Igor: Dances
HMV D 795 (recorded October 18, 1923)

Albert Coates, Conductor
“Symphony Orchestra”
(& Chorus in Borodin, sung in Russian)

More details on the recording sessions can be seen via the excellent discography by Christopher Dyment downloadable here.

Note: I have added the 1924 Francesca da Rimini to this post, and new Flac format versions of the entire cd.


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One Response to Albert Coates. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 (1922 recording) & Borodin

  1. fattoxxon says:

    I enjoyed the Tchaik5, but the Borodin was simply a cracking perfromance! How on earth he achieved that balance with so many different people to shove in front of the recording horn I have no idea, but this re-confirms my earlier feeling that Coates has been under-appreciated for too long! Thanks for both, Neal!

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