Alexander Goldenweiser. Grieg Lyric Pieces, Pt. 1

I had hoped to offer the complete Grieg Lyric Pieces, recorded by Alexander Goldenweiser (1875-1961) in the early to mid-1950s on five Melodiya lps, but the copies I have to work with of several of these are problematic, so it may be some time before I’m able to complete this project. APR has just issued a cd including the Op. 62, 68 series and part of Op. 65, but there has been no complete issue of this first complete recorded cycle on cd. The playing is the essence of simplicity, with nothing inflated beyond what these works can absorb, which like the famous record of Emil Gilels for DG, only serves to heighten the beauty and range of these miniatures. Goldenweiser employs a subtle rubato, in which his slight, but superbly controlled unevenness brings out the folkish quality that others seem unable to extract.

Op. 12 (composed 1864-7; published 1867):

* No. 1, Arietta
* No. 2, Vals (Waltz)
* No. 3, Vægtersang (Watchman’s song, after Macbeth)
* No. 4, Alfedans (Elves’ dance)
* No. 5, Folkevise (Popular melody)
* No. 6, Norsk melodi (Norwegian melody)
* No. 7, Albumblad (Albumleaf)
* No. 8, Fædrelandssang (National song)

Op. 38 (composed 1883 except where noted; published 1884):

* No. 1, Vuggevise (Lullaby)
* No. 2, Volkevise (Popular melody)
* No. 3, Melodi (Melody)
* No. 4, Halling (Dance)
* No. 5, Springdans (Spring dance)
* No. 6, Elegi (Elegy)
* No. 7, Vals (Waltz, originally composed 1866; revised 1883)
* No. 8, Kanon (composed ca. 1877-8)

Op. 43 (composed 1886; published 1887):

* No. 1, Sommerfugl (Butterfly)
* No. 2, Ensom vandrer (Solitary traveller)
* No. 3, I hjemlandet (In my native country)
* No. 4, Liten fugl (Little bird)
* No. 5, Erotik (Erotikon)
* No. 6, Til vaaren (To the spring)

Op. 47 (composed 1886-8; published 1887):

* No. 1, Valse-Impromptu
* No. 2, Albumblad (Albumleaf)
* No. 3, Melodi (Melody)
* No. 4, Halling
* No. 5, Melankoli (Melancholy)
* No. 6, Springtanz (Spring dance)
* No. 7, Elegi (Elegy)

Alexander Goldenweiser, Piano
Melodiya D 03286/67 and D 03580/81
Recorded c. 1952-54

Happy Holidays to everyone!!


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