Fritz Lehmann. Odeon recordings, Part 3

Many posts ago, I presented two volumes of Fritz Lehmann on Odeon 78rpm recordings, and finally, here is another installment, with one more on the way soon, consisting entirely of Baroque works. Meanwhile, thanks very much to those who filled in the discographic gaps in my previous entries: I have finally updated the information on those posts (see index on the right side for links).

Lehmann recorded a bit more of the de Falla Three Cornered Hat for DGG in the early 1950 with the Berlin Philharmonic, and that version is currently available on Cd. Those who know that version won’t be surprised by the dash and enthusiasm of this reading. I wouldn’t go as far as to call Lehmann a German Stokowski, but this is certainly the furthest end of the spectrum from his interest in Bach and Handel, which is weighted more heavily in his recorded output. It certainly comes as no surprise that the Mozart is a big-band reading with tremendous finesse. I love how he digs in with such vigor, but always manages to end his phrases with a stylish and graceful rounding off. The last movement stands out for me: it has beautiful poise, but also energy coupled with balance. And what wonderful playing from the basses near the end! I would appreciate greatly having some of the discographic details filled in…I’m not sure where my information for the de Falla went, but I don’t have access to my reference materials right now, as I’m still on the road.

Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik,
Serenade in G Major, K. 525
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Odeon O-7942/43 (matr. xxB 8758/61)

recorded March 7 1941, Berlin

Strauss: Tod und Verklärung, Symphonic Poem
Grosses Radio-Sinfonieorchester, Brussels
Odeon O-9169/71 (matr. 9426/31)

recorded April 17, 1944
, Brussels, Radio Studio

Lortzing: Zar und Zimmermann. Overture
Orchester des Deutschen Operhauses, Berlin
Odeon O-7931 (matr. xxB 8720/21)

June 21, 1940, Berlin

de Falla:
El sombrero de tres picos:
de los vecinos (Seguidillas)
Danza del molinera (Farruca)

Danza final (Jota)

de Falla:
El Amor Brujo. Pantomime
Grosses Radio-Sinfonieorchester, Brussels

April 7 to 15, 1942,
Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts

Fritz Lehmann, Conductor

Note: Well, I guess it’s what I get for doing the titling off the cuff, with poor notes 2000 miles away from home, but I titled the de Falla Pantomime as being from “La Vida Breve”….it’s now correct, but will be incorrectly titled on the actual audio files. I don’t think I will re-upload everything just for that correction…sorry about that!

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