Nikolai Golovanov. Glazunov, Ippolitov-Ivanov, Balakirev

Sorry about the lack of new postings lately. I’ve just been way too busy the past few weeks! I have a few things almost ready to go during this week off, so stay tuned!

Those of you that have followed my postings various places prior to starting this blog may have these Golovanov recordings in Mp3 format, but I’ve had some requests for Flac versions, so here they are!

I don’t think I need to say much about the performances. There’s some rough and ready playing at times, and tonally everyone lives close to the edge, but there isn’t more committed and passionate advocacy for these works to be had, and it really lifts them to a level not hinted at by other performances (although there is a Glazunov Symphony cycle led by Evgeny Svetlanov which deserves wider circulation). I’m always amazed at
the power with which the low strings always seem to play with in Golovanov’s recordings. No matter how bad the recordings are, you can hear this, helped by the fact that he seems to ask the double-basses to play at the lower available octave whenever humanly possible! By the way, there is a Golovanov recording of the Glazunov Sixth Symphony included in the EMI “Great Conductors of the 20th Century” volume devoted to him.

Glazunov: From the Middle Ages, Op. 79
Ippolitov-Ivanov: From Sons of Ossian, Musical Pictures, Op. 56
Melodiya LP 33 D 031389-90 (recorded 1952, 1950)

Balakirev: Tamara (recorded 1952)
Melodiya D 09561-62 (flip side not a Golovanov recording)

Glazunov: Symphony No. 5 in Bb, Op. 55 (recorded 1950)
Melodiya D 11233-34
Glazunov: Symphony No. 7 in F, Op. 77 (recorded 1952)
Glazunov: Ballade, Op. 78 (recorded 1951)
Melodiya 33 D 025855-56

Nikolai Golovanov, conductor
Moscow Radio Symphony


Note: the above file contains a transfer of the Concert Hall Society pressing of the 5th Symphony, which was the only version I had at the time I posted this. It’s not a bad sounding Lp, but subsequently I found a copy of a Melodiya Lp, which I’ve made available as a separate download below. Sorry about the duplication, but I decided to leave these mp3 versions “as is”. The Flac version above is taken from the Melodiya lp.
Note on downloading: If I could ask a favor, please, those of you experiencing trouble extracting downloaded files, I DO want to hear from you, and correct problems where they exist, but please be specific about which version (mp3 or Flac) you are working with, and your OS as well. Very often, with these “free” hosting services, interrupted downloads result in incomplete files, which will show up as errors. Sometimes using a download manager (I use “DownThemAll” within Firefox), will help you keep better track of interrupted downloads, and allow you to resume them. Please, before you post a comment about a file giving an error, please try to download the file again, or see that the file size corresponds to that which appears when you begin the download. Of course, in the “split archive” format I use for the Flac downloads, you must have completely downloaded all of the parts before you can extract the files. I’m happy to try and answer technical questions, to the best of my ability. Thanks for your understanding!

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