Josef Páleníček. Janáček: On the Overgrown Path. 1943 recording

In a previous post (located here) I had presented this recording, minus the final disc. Several months ago a generous collector, Adrian Briscall, contacted me with the very welcome news that he owned this missing 78rpm disc, and in fact, HE was missing the records that I had posted, but was willing to send me a dubbing of his single disc! Thanks to this, after matching the sonics of the two sources as well as I could, I am now able to offer a complete version of this beautiful recording. So please enjoy this reunion of these precious 78rpm discs. Thanks again to Mike for the original discs, and to Adrian for the missing link! A PDF file of the musical score is included, by the way.

Po zarostlém chodníčku (On the Overgrown Path),
Book 1

Josef Páleníček, Piano

Ultraphon G 12889/91

Recorded 1943


Some problems have been reported with track 2 in the Mediafire file, so this is a new version. Please let me know if there’s a problem with this. If so, I’ll do another Flac conversion and rar file.

Note: This work will fit on a cdr with the original contents of my first version of the compilation. Just omit the old truncated version of this recording.

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