Roger Désormière. Czech Philharmonic recordings and Capitol Prokofiev Lp

Quite a while ago, before starting my blog, I posted Mp3 versions of some most of these recordings, but these are reworked now to correct some pitching inconsistencies in the Bizet Suites. I’m afraid the Prokofiev lp, pictured above, is from a pretty rough copy, but it fills out the second Cd nicely.

If I were employed by Supraphon, I would make it my job to make sure these beautiful and unique recordings by Roger Désormière were made available for ever. Lyrical, graceful, unexpected musical shaping, stunningly gorgeous playing by the Czech Philharmonic….I could go on, but these are nearly desert island records for me, despite the somewhat cloudy (yet attractive) sonics. Some feel the reins are rather lightly held at times, but for me the distinctiveness coupled with effortlessness is a winning combination!

CD 1:

Bizet: L’Arlésienne Suites 1 and 2
Bizet: Carmen Suite No. 1
Debussy: La Mer

CD 2:

Debussy: Nocturnes (Nuages & Fêtes only)
Ravel: Bolero
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Recorded early 1950s
Supraphon recordings
(from Eurodisc 2 LP set 913 296)

Prokofiev: Suite from The Love for Three Oranges
Prokofiev: Suite from Lieutenant Kijé
French National Symphony Orchestra
Recorded early 1950s
Capitol Classics P-8149

Roger Désormière, Conductor


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7 Responses to Roger Désormière. Czech Philharmonic recordings and Capitol Prokofiev Lp

  1. Ah Meng says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful treasures. I instantly fell in love with the "La Mer" when I heard it. No wonder Mr Richter made those comments! 🙂

  2. Rootie says:

    it would appear that Desormiere CD1 part 2 flac is gone from Mediafire

  3. tatifan says:

    All Mediafire links should be ok now. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Rootie says:

    sorry to report another issue but when i try to expand Desormiere CD2 with 7 Zip, i get an error message that CD 2/ 9 is broken.

  5. tatifan says:

    I’ve added .zip versions of both cds to the Mediafire folder. If you are using the .rar files, make sure both file names are identical except for the “pt. 1” or “pt. 2”. When I re-upped several of the parts I think the file names had some _ symbols added.

  6. Rootie says:

    thanks sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar, using the .zip file solved the problem.

  7. dgbeecher says:

    Enjoying this now. Thank you, Neil!

    Do you happen to know when the Bizet Suites and La Mer were recorded?

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