Alexander Goldenweiser. Grieg Lyric Pieces, Pt. 2

A few months ago I posted (see link) the first two Lps from Alexander Goldenweiser’s recording, the first complete cycle, of the Grieg Lyric Pieces. These three Lps complete the series. I’m surprised that it has never been reissued as a set. There are some shortcomings in the mastering on the copies that were available to me of Lps 3 and 4, and some “ringing” distortion results, I’m afraid, but I don’t feel it’s enough to warrant holding back from offering the complete set.

Grieg; Lyric Pieces:

CD 2:
Op. 54 (composed 1889-91; published 1891):
No. 1, Gjætergut (Shepherd’s boy)
No. 2, Gangar (Norwegian march)
No. 3, Troldtog (March of the trolls)
No. 4, Notturno
No. 5, Scherzo
No. 6, Klokkeklang (Bell ringing)

Op. 57 (composed 1890-3; published 1893):
No. 1, Svundne dager (Vanished days)
No. 2, Gade
No. 3, Illusion
No. 4, Geheimniss (Secret)
No. 5, Sie tanzt (She dances)
No. 6, Heimweh (Homesickness)

Op. 62 (composed 1893-5; published 1895):
No. 1, Sylfide (Sylph)
No. 2, Tak (Gratitude)
No. 3, Fransk serenade (French serenade)
No. 4, Bækken (Brooklet)
No. 5, Drommesyn (Phantom)
No. 6, Hjemad (Homeward)

CD 3:
Op. 65 (composed 1896; published 1897):
No. 1, Fra ungdomsdagene (From early years)
No. 2, Bondens sang (Peasant’s song)
No. 3, Tungsind (Melancholy)
No. 4, Salon
No. 5, I balladetone (Ballad)
No. 6, Bryllupsdag på Troldhaugen (Wedding day at Troldhaugen)

Op. 68 (composed 1897-9; published 1899):
No. 1, Matrosernes opsang (Sailor’s song)
No. 2, Bedstemors menuet (Grandmother’s minuet)
No. 3, For dine fødder (At your feet)
No. 5, Bådnlåt (Cradle song)
No. 4, Aften på hojfjeldet (Evening in the mountains)
No. 6, Valse mélancolique

Op. 71 (composed and published 1901):
No. 1, Det var engang (Once upon a time)
No. 2, Sommeraften (Summer evening)
No. 3, Puck
No. 4, Skovstilhed (Peace of the woods)
No. 5, Halling
No. 6, Forbi (Gone)
No. 7, Efterklang (Remembrances)

Alexander Goldenweiser, Piano
Recorded early to middle 1950s

(from Melodiya D 3294/5, D 03296/7 & D 03308/9)

Note: Order of Op. 68 as in original Lp order.


Note: I’ve changed the actual track titles to remove non-standard characters (correctly listed above), which seem to have caused some problems playing tracks in Cd 1 from my previous post. If you had trouble with tracks 3 & 8 in that first volume, try retitling the files without these characters. Please leave me a “comment” if this doesn’t solve the problem.

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4 Responses to Alexander Goldenweiser. Grieg Lyric Pieces, Pt. 2

  1. Pianoguy says:

    Thanks for uploading these! Unfortunately, I’m not able to download the CD 2, Part 2 file – when I try to expand it, it gives me an error message saying “The structure of the archive is damaged (Error 17540)”

  2. tatifan says:

    Did you try downloading the file from the other downloading service? I just downloaded it from RS and it extracts correctly for me. I will be re uploading a number of my files to other servers in the near future, although it’s hard to get everyone to agree on the best service at this time.

  3. Pianoguy says:

    Yeah, I get the same message regardless of which service I downloaded the file from. It’s not a big deal, since those particular performances have been reissued elsewhere. (So, technically, I suppose it’s not a deal at all …)

  4. 2ndviolinist (Doug T) says:

    No problem with CD 2 download on mediafire, the service I much prefer. You may have fixed things since this is an old post. I just ran across your wonderful site and am working my way through. Would like mp3s as a choice on mediafire. Thanks for the upload. My good friend, a pianist, will be more interested than I, a former violinist.

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