Max Reger on 78s. Polydor and Odeon recordings by Lehmann, Heger & De Groot

Initially, this compilation was to be the next installment of my Fritz Lehmann Odeon 78s collection, but I decided to make it an all Max Reger post. I don’t believe any of these recordings have been reissued on cd.

I don’t know Cor de Groot’s discography very well, but I’d be curious to know what else he recorded in the 78 era, if anyone could help with that. The Vaterländische Ouvertüre is rarely performed, and carries some baggage with it, especially as this recording was made during the Second World War, and obviously fits a certain agenda for that time. Here is some background on it, from an article by Reinhold Brinkmann (“A “Last Giant in Music”: Thoughts on Max Reger in the Twentieth Century” The Musical Quarterly 2004 87(4):631-659):

At the beginning of the war, Reger articulated anything but apocalyptic anti-war visions. In fact, his jingoism at the outbreak of World War I is shockingly naïve, in both his music and his correspondence. In 1914, Reger composed a Vaterländische Ouvertüre, which he dedicated “to the German army” and intended to be “as popular as possible” in design: it contained, embarrassingly certain of victory, an exaggerated combination of the three patriotic songs “Deutschland über alles,” “Die Wacht am Rhein,” and “Ich hab mich ergeben,” as well as the chorale “Nun danket alle Gott,” to be blasted by the trumpets and trombones of an off-stage orchestra. For a circular to be distributed to all German conductors, Reger claimed in a letter to the publisher Simrock that the overture “is especially timely at this point, and the combination of these four melodies in strongest fortissimo should be particularly emphasized.”

Apparently, his nationalistic fervor DID abate to a large degree, as the war progressed, and Reger came to realize the horrors of the conflict.

Max Reger:
Sonatine in E Minor, Op. 89, No. 1
Odeon 0-8789/90
Cor de Groot, Piano

Scherzo from Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, Op. 146
Polydor 24796 (1929 rec.)
Phillip Dreisbach, Clarinet
Wendling String Quartet

Eine Romantische Suite, Op. 125
Odeon O-9136/39
Radio Sinfonieorchester, Brussels
Fritz Lehmann, Conductor

Eine Lustspiel Ouvertüre, Op. 120
Odeon O-9121
Orchester des Deutschen Opernhauses
Fritz Lehmann, Conductor

Eine vaterländische Ouvertüre, Op. 140
Polydor 59194/5 (1942 rec.)
Stadtisches Orchester, Berlin
Robert Heger, Conductor

Note: thanks again to Mike Gartz for his rare source material, and also a first for me: for the Lehmann Lustspiel Ov. Mike provided me with a 24bit/88kHz dub, and I did all of my work in that domain, of course then down converting to 16 bit for use here. If there is interest, I could upload a 24bit Flac version, once I figure out exactly the best way to do that! Also, for some reason, I didn’t make my usual notes of matrix numbers, so I’ll have to add these later.

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2 Responses to Max Reger on 78s. Polydor and Odeon recordings by Lehmann, Heger & De Groot

  1. Emilio says:

    A new download link for this compilation in the MP3 version is:

    Dear Neal, I hope you don’t mind my copying your great work, but I think it must be kept for the collectors!

  2. deryk says:

    I’d be interested in a 24-bit version (of anything on your blog, to be honest).

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