Eugene Goossens in the 1920s. Hollywood Bowl Concert and Glazunov Scènes de Ballet

Despite the title of this RCA Victor album, these are studio recordings made over a period of 5 years (at least according to the discography that I have access to…perhaps someone has exact dates for this that they could pass on to me?). The recordings were made at the Hollywood Bowl itself, and here is a description from the 1930 Victor catalog:

The Orthophonic Victor records listed here were made under the identical conditions surrounding the regular performances of the Bowl Orchestra. That is to say, they were recorded out-of-doors–the first time this has been successfully accomplished with the symphony orchestra. You will note in the records a certain elusive romantic quality associated with scenes of natural beauty–a tribute indeed to the remarkable system which makes Orthophonic records possible.

The sound is rather dry, but fairly vivid, as are the performances, despite a few rough edges. After these sessions, Goossens did not record in the United States again until 1941 (the Walton Violin Concerto with Jascha Heifetz and the Cincinnati Symphony). Interestingly, he recorded the Balakirev Islamey (in London) again in 1930. The recorded sound is certainly rounder and more full-bodied in the series of London recordings Goossens made in the late 20s and early 30s, as you can hear in the Glazunov work. If you take a look at the booklet (in the included scans), you will notice that the Scènes de Ballet were presented slightly out of sequence, but this was done for maximizing the amount of music on each 78 rpm side, so I have tracked the movements in the original concert order. Thanks to Brian Bailey for the information from the Victor catalog, and also thanks to Mike Gartz for providing the wonderful “Z” shellac copies of these recordings!

Dvořák: Carnival, concert overture, Op. 92
De Falla: Ritual Fire Dance (from “El Amor brujo”)
Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique: 4. The March to the Scaffold
Balakirev (arr. Casella): Islamey
Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty, Suite, Op. 66a:
I. La Fée Des Lilas – The Lily Nymph
II. Adagio – Pas d’Action
III. Pas de Caractère (Puss-in-Boots and the White Cat) – Panorama
IV. Valse
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra
Recorded 1925 (Balakirev), 1927 (Dvořák, Falla, Berlioz), 1929 (Tchaikovsky)
RCA Victor album M 40

Glazunov: Scènes de Ballet, Op.52
New Symphony Orchestra
Recorded June 3, 5 & 6, 1929
HMV C 1752/54 (RCA Victor album M 143)
Matr. CC 16650/55

Eugene Goossens, conductor

Rapidshare Download Link (Mp3)

Rapidshare Link, Pt. 1 (Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 2 (Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 3 (Flac format)

Mediafire Link, Pt. 1 (Flac format)
Mediafire Link, Pt. 2 (Flac format)
Mediafire Link, Pt. 3 (Flac format)

Rapidshare Link, Pt. 1 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 2 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 3 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 4 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 5 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 6 (24 bit Flac format)
Rapidshare Link, Pt. 7 (24 bit Flac format)

Note: Just a reminder, I did this transfer in 24 bit/88.2 khz resolution, and the 24 bit Flac version above will play through one’s computer with various media players and the appropriate connection to one’s audio system, but if you would just like to burn the best quality standard cd format, the regular (16 bit) Flac format is the best choice.

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1 Response to Eugene Goossens in the 1920s. Hollywood Bowl Concert and Glazunov Scènes de Ballet

  1. Robert P. Fowler says:

    Actually, all the pieces in Victor M-40 were recorded in September, 1928. The Carnival Overture was recorded on Sep. 2-3, 1928, the Ritual Fire Dance and The March to the Scaffold were recorded on Sep. 3, Islamey on Sep. 2, 3 and 5, and the Ballet Suite on Sep. 5 and 6. The Cambria (CD-1147) recording does these vintage disks great service, and also includes the Goossens rehearsals of Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps (first performance on the west coast) and Glinka’s Kamarinskaya.

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