Ferdinand Leitner. Haydn Symphonies Nos. 100 & 102, Bach, Weber

Another long absence from posting! Sorry, but my unbelievably busy semester (and year) of work is nearly done, so it’ll be back to important things very soon…like working on transfers!

I’ll leave the comments to a minimum this time, but if you like your Haydn with a decent sized (but not bloated) band, and a bit lean and mean, Leitner will do very nicely. While not high on Beechamesque charm and twinkle, these are beautifully played, well thought out versions, which along with much of Leitner’s work, remains neglected on cd. The “fillers” are from DG Variable Micgrograde 78 pressings, which means more noise than the lp issues, but a bit more sonic depth as well. A few posts down the road I will offer the lp version of the Bach for comparison’s sake.

Haydn: Symphony No. 100 in G major ‘Military’
Symphony No. 102 in B-flat major
Bamberger Symphoniker
Recorded December 1/2 & October 18/19, 1957
DG 19 151 (Lp)

Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048
Ansbach Bach Orchestra
Recorded July 24/31, 1948
DG Arkiv 2401 (Variable Micrograde 78 pressing)

WEBER (orch. Berlioz): Aufforderung zum Tanz, op. 65
(Invitation to the Dance)
Jubel: Overture
Bamberger Symphoniker
Recorded April 26/27, 1952
DG 72216 (Variable Micrograde 78 pressing)


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12 Responses to Ferdinand Leitner. Haydn Symphonies Nos. 100 & 102, Bach, Weber

  1. CharmNick says:

    Thanks so much and welcome back, Neal! Amazingly clear sound on this neat Brandenburg 3, which I'm listening to first (I'm an insane Brandenburg completist…). The Asnbach Bach Week discography really needs to be explored and celebrated so this is most welcome. Fantastic transfer! And one can't have too many Haydn Symphonies, either. The 16-bit FLAC of the first movement of Haydn 102 is corrupt, though, and won't extract. Best wishes, Nick

  2. Neal says:

    Glad you are enjoying! Could you let me know which of the versions (Megaup, RS, or Mediafire) gave you the error? Best, Neal

    • Michel Tibbaut says:

      Thank you so much for your superlative transfers!
      I would like to find more Ferdinand Leitner.
      When I was young, I owned the next LP:

      Richard Wagner –
      Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Overtures
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart Dir. Ferdinand Leitner
      10-inch DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON LP 17032

      Alas, I own it no more. And I would like so much to listen to this record again!
      Could you help if you own this LP?
      There are also more Wagner orchestral on DGG by Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart Dir. Ferdinand Leitner.
      With best wishes,

    • Michel Tibbaut says:

      ” tatifan says:
      August 26, 2010 at 2:23 pm
      I DO have a dub of this Wagner lp from a friend’s copy, and I will try and post it soon! Glad you enjoyed this! ”

      Thank you very much for your kind reply!

      Here are some other Leitner’s Wagner, also with the Wurttenberg State Orchestra, which will do well with DGG LP 17032:

      Gotterdammerung:siegfried rhein jouney & funeral music
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      17 OCT.1952 & 14/18 JAN.1953 Stuttgart
      DG LPEM 19 042

      Tristan:Prelude for Act 1 & Liebestod
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      29 JUN.1952 Stuttgart
      DG 19 018 (LP)

      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      18 OCT.1952 Stuttgart
      Decca DL 4030 (LP)

      Walkure:Ride of Valkyries
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      4 JUL.1952 Stuttgart
      Decca DL 4072 (LP)

      With my best wishes,

    • Michel Tibbaut says:

      Some additions and corrections for the Leitner-Wagner LPs:

      Tristan: Prelude for Act 1 & Liebestod
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      Dir. Ferdinand Leitner
      29 JUN.1952 Stuttgart
      DG LPEM 19 018
      or Decca DL 4038 (10-inch)

      Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Overture
      Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Dance of the Apprentices & Entrance of the Meistersinger
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      Dir. Ferdinand Leitner
      Decca DL 4037 (10-inch)

      Götterdämmerung: Siegfried Rhein Journey & Funeral Music
      Die Walküre: Magic Fire Music
      Württembergisches Staatsorchester Stuttgart
      Dir. Ferdinand Leitner
      Decca DL 4072 (10-inch)

      With my best wishes,

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have the same problem with the Mediafire archive. Thanks and all the best.

  4. Neal says:

    Ah, Mediafire strikes again…I'll try to redo it, but they have become very prone to errors lately. If you are able, try the Megaupload version, if RS is too much of a pain.

  5. Byrd says:

    Thanks for this really great post. I had no problems downloading the 16-bit flac from RS. I'm happy to see that you are now using MegaUpload instead of MediaFire. I have found MegaUpload to be very reliable, while MediaFire has become has become very unreliable for quite some time and shows no signs of improving. I've given up on them.

  6. Jean says:

    I just heard a conversation with Bernard Haitink relating to Ferdinand Leitner. Haitink didn't feel that he was really predestined as an orchestral conductor. As he took part in the 1954 Conductor Contest of the Dutch Radio, he 'officially' didn't make it to the final twelve 'for lack of the necessary qualities'. But Leitner saw some talent in the young student and allowed him to take part as #13 of the lot, and took him under his wings. We now know all what has become of Bernard Haitink…I happen to have heard Leitner, in the seasons as conductor in The Hagues (Residentie-Orkest). If you like the somewhat old-fashioned German School, he's excellent.Best wishes, Jean

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