New Home…and some old Wührer links.

I’ve just moved here from Google Blogger for a variety of reasons, but welcome to my new home!

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9 Responses to New Home…and some old Wührer links.

  1. gpdlt2010 says:

    And many happy returns!

  2. Paul Rice says:

    Neal: How wonderful to have you back! You have been much missed this summer. Going through my old LPs the other day, I came across a Dover LP. The inside sleeve listed a partial catalogue, most of which appeared to be older Vox recordings from the 1950s. Wuhrer’s “Trout Quintet” was one. If you ever find any that are of interest for posting, I would encourage you to do so. The pressings were usually far better than Vox usually managed and the sound was better, as a result. With all best wishes to you.

  3. tatifan says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the welcome back! I actually do have that Dover pressing of the Trout and once upon a time made a transfer and posted it. I was only doing mp3 at the time, but it seems the link still works. Here’s the info:

    Friedrich Wührer, Barchet Quartet

    Schubert: Quintet in A Major “Trout”
    Schubert: Nocturne in Eb Major, D. 897 (for piano trio)

    The Barchet Quartet members are:
    Reinhold Barchet, Violin
    Hermann Hischfelder, Viola
    Helmut Reimann, Cello
    joined by Karl H. Krueger, Double-bass

    Vox PL-8970,Dover HCR-5206 (my copy was a Dover label one, in mint
    recorded June 1, 1954 in Vienna

    A cover image (but of the original Vox one) can be seen here:

    ONE of the days I will redo my Wührer Schubert Sonata cycle transfers, but here are the 3 year old mp3 versions I did:


  4. squirrel says:

    I think you’ll find WordPress advantageous for many reasons. The only thing about WordPress that I’ve found frustrating on my blog is the fact that the photo and text snippet doesn’t always appear in the blog-rolls that populate on Blogspot blogs. I get listed there, but if my most recent post has a photo of, say, Paul Bazelaire, that part won’t show up. But maybe these things are near to being solved.

    Welcome back!

  5. Ray Pratt says:

    Neal: Again, many thanks for the Wuhrer Schubert Sonatas.
    A flac posting would be most welcome given the refusal of Vox to reissue on CD.

    • Ray Pratt says:

      Neal: Your readers who crave the old Wuhrer recordings who want to pay serious money should look into the Bearac reissues.

  6. tatifan says:

    A redo of the Wuhrer Schubert Sonatas is something I’m going to do, but I need to find single disc pressings of several of them that were overcut badly in the VoxBox versions (part of the Bb Sonata and I forget which others). Don’t know when I’ll have time, but at SOME point I’ll try to get Flacs up of the salvageable ones.

  7. Eric says:

    Thank you for this chance to reassess these performances. They are more interesting and vibrant than I remember them being.

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