Fritz Lehmann. Mozart, Haydn Symphonies (DG LPs)

Happy New Year!  Yes, it’s been another long hiatus from posts….this time I think I’ll just have to NOT promise more frequent posts, and hope for the best!

I’ll make this a quick note.  Hopefully some more lp goodies from some of more overlooked of the Deutsche Grammophon stable of 1950s conductors will appear here in due course, namely those by Fritz Lehmann and Ferdinand Leitner.  Starting off with Lehmann, here are some “big band”, yet sensitive and very confidently mounted performances of some classical symphonies for your enjoyment.  The Mozart works were coupled with Ferenc Fricsay’s “Haffner” Symphony, which has been reissued, so I’m not including that.  The “Surprise” Symphony was originally issued on a 10″ lp, but here it’s taken from a 12″ reissue.  The pitch is a bit inconsistent and has some wow, but I’ve tried to catch a few mismatches between movements.

It’s great to be back….happy holidays and best wishes to everyone!

Mozart: Symphony No. 26 in E-flat major, K. 184/161a
Mozart: Symphony No. 32 in G major, K. 318
Bamberger Symphoniker
Recorded August 12-13, 1952
DG 18 066, side B
(note: side A is Fricsay/RIAS Haffner Symphony)

Haydn: Symphony No. 45 in F-sharp minor, (Abschieds-Symphonie)
Haydn: Symphony No. 94 in G major, (Paukenschlag)
Berliner Philharmoniker
Recorded May 26, 1954 & August 14, 1950
DG 18 397 (Sym. 94 first issued on DG 16 012)

Fritz Lehmann, Conductor


Note:  I’ve given up on Rapidshare,  as many have.  I will probably slowly migrate links to other services and let the RS links die, but for the time being they should still work.  Fileserve seems reasonably free of extraneous irritants such as popups and difficulties accessing files….any opinions?
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8 Responses to Fritz Lehmann. Mozart, Haydn Symphonies (DG LPs)

  1. Benoit says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing these recordings! I’m very happy to see you back again.

  2. squirrel says:


    These are very welcome recordings and I look forward to exploring them!

    You have turned me into something of a Lehmann freak, i must say…. I managed to get a hold of his Archiv LP recording of Bach’s cantatas BWV 39 (“Brich dem Hmngrigen dein Brot”) and 105 (“Herr, gehe nicht ins Gericht”) and found them quite addictive. I thought they have been rereleased on CD somewhere, but I’m not sure by whom….

    So great to see you back in these parts. I hope you’ll keep at it!

    PS Benoît, you too!


  3. squirrel says:

    OH yes, and: Fileshare was quite slow, and had lots of “captcha” and other barriers that can be rather tiresome. The Megaupload link worked fine and the download was fast. I prefer Mediafire, in any case.

  4. gary snyder says:

    I really love your terrific blog and the chance to hear many records I owned in my youth that have disappeared from my collection over the past 60 years as well as fantastic things like the Golovanov recordings. Thank you very much. Was distressed to se this new post does not have MP3 version. I have avoided Flac downloads until now because I don’t have a way to burn them to CD. “I’m a PC” as they say. Having had one recent PC crash I’ve been hesitant to download anything to convert the files. Any suggestions since you obviously use Flac? Either way, keep up the great work. Oh, I too have had issues with Rapidshare and Mediafire as well. Sometimes you can’t win. Thank you.

  5. tatifan says:

    Sorry I haven’t done an mp3 of this yet. I’m on the road with only a Mac laptop, and tagging all the files with the programs I have is a bit tough, but I will add mp3s soon. I used to use this simple program called Burrrn ( to burn cds from flac files. Just drag the files into the window. It’s not nearly as much junk as one of the big Nero/Roxio programs dumps onto your system.

    Hope you enjoy the recordings!


  6. CharmNick says:

    Dear Neal, Great to have you back, thank you so much for this, as for everything else, and a Happy New Year!
    I have a dub of the Haydn LP, which I very much like, but could not share it for various reasons. Glad everyone can now enjoy it! Squirrel, the Bach LP has been uploaded by Gramophone on its new Player. As for the download sites, I kinda dislike them all but I dislike RS most so any other is better! Best wishes, Nick

  7. Pablo Varela says:

    Hi Neal, for download/upload site I still prefer Mediafire and Megaupload, Fileserve and Filesonic use *$%/@#~ captchas…
    Best wishes

  8. thank you for all these treasures from lehmann.don’t know why DG never issued a set with his Bach and Handel
    thanks again,

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