The fate of my older files (and this blog)….

I just saw the news that Megaupload has been shut down, which means that a number of my files are now unavailable.  This is in addition to the many Rapidshare links that are now expiring, due to having to cancel my premium account, which doubled in price a few months ago.  I can only apologize and promise to do what I can to re-upload dead files.  It’s not easy trying to decide the best way to host files, and I fear the climate is not very favorable for this method of sharing my work.  I’ve tried to play by a reasonable set of rules in terms of copyright issues, and I have tried to avoid offering the same recordings issued by independent cd labels, but, it seems the METHOD of disseminating my work is also that used by pirates, and thus the whole system seems to be under greater scrutiny at the moment.

Perhaps the comments area for this post would be the best forum for requesting dead links to be revived.  Some files may be difficult for me to locate, I’m afraid. I have much I would like to share, but lack of free time and these various hosting service hassles have me thinking seriously that a public blog may not be the way to continue.   Hopefully this will not come to pass.  In any case, thank all of you that visit and comment…I wish I had time to respond to all of you, but I appreciate the community of enthusiasts that join me here and show appreciation and enthusiasm!

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback from you all.  Further bad new on the file front, now Fileserve has jumped ship and THOSE files are now unavailable!! It’s truly nuts what is going on.  Where does that leave me?  Some of the Multiupload and the older Mediafire ones may still work, and whichever Rapidshare files have not expired from inactivity.  I will not re-upload anything at the moment, because it may end up deleted depending on who else jumps overboard during this storm.

It’s a shame that those using these digital locker services seeking to profit from the various systems of “rewards” for numbers of downloads (of copyrighted materials) have ruined it for everyone!  Of course the problem was in fact created BY the various hosting services that created these very reward systems in order to line their OWN pockets.  Greed begets greed, I suppose.

I will probably make this blog private soon, and at some point after that I will contact those of you that I know are interested, by going through the comments in various threads here.  I’ll assume if you’ve left a comment in THIS thread that you’re interested, so for those of you that haven’t done so, perhaps now would be a good time.  Again, thanks to all of you!!



NOTE:  Strangely, some of the Fileserve files are “live” again.  Strange, because they supposedly disabled link sharing!  I’m not going to renew my premium status with them so these files will probably start to expire after a month or two.  I’m currently thinking I will try to use Mediafire, and another multiple upload service, mirrorcreator.  I wish I could figure out if Google Docs might work.  Storage is cheap, but it’s confusing how privacy would be handled, and how one sets up “viewing” files, as opposed to “editing”.  Does anyone have advice on this?

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106 Responses to The fate of my older files (and this blog)….

  1. ipromesisposi says:

    I’m fu**ed too. I’m so sorry.

    I’m thinking to use the emule net, slow but safe. ¿What do you think?

    Take heart.

    • mike harkin says:

      KEEP up your sterling work however you can outwit the dogs in the manger who want a
      universe-wide copyright lasting for eternity plus 3000 years!

  2. David says:

    Life isn’t hassle-free even at the best of times, Neal ! Rest assured you have a community of listeners out here – tho’ I’m just a newbie – who value what you are able to give us, and particularly the fact that you are making available the recordings that simply are not available anywhere else in any format. That’s what I love: I can go to Amazon & find some obscure recordings, but others are just uncommercial (to re-use that word you used on the Ward Marston page of early Beethoven) or simply unavailable at the moment. That doesn’t make them less valuable documents, it just makes them impossible to assess. I really value the ability to hear what 1924 Beethoven sounded like – the differences, and the similarities. I’ve never been so surprised as when I heard Albert Coates’ 1929(?) Beethoven 9 – which sounded so modern; but hearing Nikisch or Fried or Kark play Beethoven so differently is just as wonderful. Or (on another site) Harold Bauer being utterly individual in a Beethoven sonata.

    So, take heart – we value what you’re doing, and even if it takes time to recover from the MU thing, you’re doing something important for ancient, hard to find, but valuable documents. And bringing a lot of pleasure to us at the same time. It’s hard to think of anything but the internet that offers that opportunity democratically to us all.

  3. Emilio says:

    I have just found your site and appreciate very much what you have to offer. Although new in the world of Blogs (I do a blog with historic recordings on my own since a few days), I think this is a good way of sharing recordings. So I hope you keep on, because I just wanted to recommend your site in my blog for other enthusiasts.
    Maybe you can put my blog on your blog-list. It is still small, but I am strong-willed to pull it on…

  4. Fred says:

    Hi Neal,

    Indeed a dilemma and a sad day for us all. I think we are all going to get screwed because unscrupulous people have taken file sharing and corrupted it beyond control. Big money will use their money to shut most or all of the file share sites down.

    I just want to say that you have been a great influence on me and, along with Buster at Big 10 inch, you inspired me to set forth and blog on my own. You are a class act my friend, the gold standard in what we do!


  5. gary says:

    Just wanted to add my note of support and appreciation for all that you, Fred, and others do in providing wonderful blogs to share great recordings that are otherwise unavailable or forgotten. Why anyone with a brain would a have a problem with this is beyond me. I do hope you can weather this storm. Thank you very much for your work.

  6. Vivelo says:

    Thank you for all wonderful posts. I don’t have requests, everything you post I’ll enjoy. I just want to tell you that you have to enjoy this job too, so don’t work too hard to bring it all back, take your time and have fun too. You have all my appreciation and I have to teel you how sad I am about your loss, that is our loss too. Greetings from Brazil.

  7. Thomas Varley says:

    I’m very sorry to see that you’ve been virtually shut down by the actions of the Feds. I would think they would have better targets to pursue.
    I first came across your site in March 2010 and have visited at least weekly since then, to see what, if anything, was “new”. One particular discovery was the Golovanov series of Liszt Tone Poems. Without your efforts, I and many like me would never have heard them.
    Best wishes,

    Tom Varley

  8. Satyr says:

    Hi Neal,
    I agree very much what Fred wrote. A dilemma indeed! I too expect that more (and perhaps all) file share sites, and probably as well, will have to shut down. Terrible that the blogs, trying to revive the musical treasures from the past, with great appreciation for the artists, will have to disappear then. It’s good to think about alternatives – but at the moment I don’t know a medium which offers this combination of download, good information and the possibility for discussions as well. And I do want to thank you for your blog, which was one of the inspirations to start with my blogs! Greetings from Satyr

  9. Mike May says:

    Neal, God Bless you, and thank you for all you do. I discovered your site two years ago, and have just been enjoying the music you’ve been posting to the max. I feel like I’m the Pascal String Quartet’s biggest fan! The Golovanov recordings are my favorites, too.

  10. Bill Anderson says:

    Hi Neal –
    This issue with megaupload is a disturbing incident. And does throw a chill into all those interested in the dissemination and discussion of historic recordings. We will just have to wait and see if other file servers are affected.

    Like others here, I have followed your blog for years and have found your transfers, and the discussions regarding the artists and the discs, nothing less than fascinating! Many thanks to you and your colleagues for finding and offering records that most of us would have otherwise never been able to appreciate.

  11. morgan says:

    oh god….oh deary deary me. I only discovered this site a few weeks back, and was trying to find the time to go back through the whole thing and download EVERYTHING. It’s all too precious. I’m heartbroken, quite seriously. Is there any kind soul out there with all the recordings here who could put them into a torrent?? I would be eternally grateful. I would donate a kidney, anything. PLEASE somebody. This music is too precious to be lost. Maybe we could organise who has what, and then put it all into a big torrent/split rars hosted on mediafire/ or somewhere. So long as it’s all in one file, it will make dissemination much easier if it gets taken down in future.

  12. tobias says:

    Hey Neal,
    I´m sorry for what happens. Just keep on going forward. Saddly I´ve actually not enough time to follow your blog as others as well, but I hope to find you back soon.
    From a very grateful visitor.
    Thank you,

  13. Toscarturo says:

    I feel very sorry for your blog.

    It is probably no coîncidence that the shut-down procedure happened jut after EMI merged with his century long competitors, which in turn was announced just after the so-called protection for performing artists has been extended in Europe to 70 years by one of these European Directives that are the result of intense lobbying. Many people also had their personal archive in Megauplooad, but with the US way, ‘shoot first, see later’.

  14. Andrew says:

    Dear Neal,
    Please count me in as long as you continue to mine Ward Marston’s
    collection of rare 78s. Loved that Ravel Trio!
    Many thanks,

  15. maready says:

    It’s been interesting watching all this develop over the past few days … let’s keep in mind that recorded music is barely 100 years old and that before that having music at home meant playing the piano, and only a very small percentage of people were able to do that. I admit to having a certain amount of anger towards the tendency of late capitalism to destruction and consolidation. I live in one of the world’s ‘major cities’ and there is only one cinema that still projects actual 32, 16 and 8 mm film. There is only one real source here for LPs and CDs, and it is a used store. The music and film industries headlong rush to ‘dematerialize’ the medium they once provided in favor of digital storage without considering the consequences is the source of their trouble. The current push is to convince consumers to pay for ‘cloud storage’ to house the digital files they have replaced their music with. Given the latest developments, I cannot picture an intelligent music or film lover consenting to hand over the keys to their collections to anybody only to have their access liable to deletion at anytime, for any reason, without explanation. That said, pandora’s box has been opened and, short of shutting down the internet, file-sharing is all that’s left of the music, film and (soon) book industries.

    Thanks so much for all your terrific transfers and hope to hear from you again once the dust has settled and the next paradigm is in place!

  16. Ray Pratt says:

    Please include me in your private membership group.
    Ray Pratt
    Bozeman, MT

  17. ML says:

    Dear Neal:

    I have (secretly) enjoyed this blog for quite some time. Please allow me this opportunity to express my gratitude towards your effortless work. I would like to remain in your group, too. Thank you very much again!!

    Chicago, IL

    • ML says:

      I just realized what a mistake I made. I meant, “tireless” efforts. But somehow I jumbled that. I am very sorry!!

      Please allow me to thank you again, and I apologize for my faux pas. Your works enriched my life enormously.


  18. Alan Carrier says:

    Neal – Thank you (and to all of those bloggers out there) who are able to rescue performances that would otherwise lay dormant. Hopefully this will all settle, but when these corporate types see “$” signs they swarm like the sharks they are.

    All best,
    Alan Carrier

  19. Paul Goldstein says:

    Neal – I hope that you continue to favor us with your great work.

    Regards, Paul Goldstein

  20. Elliot Rothenberg says:

    Thank you for all you have done for music lovers everywhere.

    Elliot Rothenberg

  21. Cyrano says:

    I would certainly be interested in whatever you decide to do in the future, but I would also like to point you back to Rapidshare. All indications are that they will not be going anywhere. They don’t offer the “incentives” that drove so many of greedy uploaders and they have complied with many past requests to make their servers more legally compliant (redundant I realize). Only time will tell I suppose. It is unfortunate that legitimate file sharing and illegal file sharing are both forms of the same thing and one suffers from the other. Take care.

  22. Soren says:

    It’s a great service you do, please let me know wherever you decide to pop up again.
    Soren Gauger
    Krakow, Poland

  23. Erik says:

    Realy a shame that Blogs like this one, made with so much dedication and love are threatened to disapear….
    I, and many with me, hope that you, Neal, and all others who are so kind to share (if only I could…) their recordings with us allways will find a way to do so…
    For what it’s worth….I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!


  24. Christoph says:

    Thank you for the wonderful recordings that you so generously shared!

  25. Mark says:

    Neal –

    I have enjoyed your blog for some time, although I have not left many comments (shame on me). I will always be grateful for the Liszt//Golovanov and Desormiere/Czech Philharmonic transfers, among many others.

    Please persevere, and be in touch when the dust settled. I am very grateful for your efforts.

  26. Al Lesitsky says:

    Neal –

    A hearty thanks for what you are doing. People like you who serve astute listeners are surely not the target; you are just caught in the crossfire. Please keep going, even if you must take this private.

  27. elliot rothenberg says:

    Please include me in your new blog. Thank you.

    Elliot Rothenberg

  28. Don Barry says:

    Having discovered a number of magnificent recordings through your selfless devotion (Dochnanyi playing Dochnanyi, some early and magnificent Beecham recordings, my first taste of Golovanov), I’d very much appreciate being included in your new blog. My gratitude to you, sir.

  29. Przemysław says:

    Hi Neal!

    Just wanted to join the people who said thanks. A previous commenter said you were “caught in the crossfire” and I think that’s an apt phrase. Please remember that you’re writing this blog for pleasure and don’t let the whole situation get you down.

    As for solutions, I don’t think that making the blog private is such a great idea – it was hard enough to find as it is. But, of course, I respect any decision you want to take.
    And about hosting files: have you thought about the Internet Archive? All you post seems to be eligible for putting up there. Well, that was just a thought.

    Cheers and thanks again for all the wonderful music you’ve given us!

  30. Frank says:

    Hi, Neal. I just recently found your blog via the intriguing Novaes recordings. Many thanks for those. It would be unfortunate indeed if you have to go private, but if so please include me. Thanks again.

  31. gary says:

    Yes, I would be very interested if you go private. I only discovered this and other blogs like Big 10″ and Random Classics a year ago and thought what a wonderful thing you folks were doing. Please keep the faith, and keep it up somwhow, You are greatly appreciated.

  32. Bach says:

    You really should own a museum !! For persons like me trying to get in the magic world of classical music all this stuff can only be described as CULTURE.
    I didn’t go in deep yet but I hope I’ll be able to..

  33. Ronald Whitaker says:

    Dear Neal,
    I would be most interested in your new blog. With your connections to Mike Gartz and Ward Marston, the supply of rare historical items should never dry up. Thanks for all of your previous postings.


  34. Eric says:

    Neal –

    Many thanks for the recordings you posted on your blog. If you go ahead and create a private blog, please include me. Thanks.


  35. Daniel says:

    Just found your blog and am saddened that its files have been compromised. Please do put me on your list. All best regards- Daniel

  36. Geoff says:


    I just found your blog here and I hope to have the opportunity to explore it further. While I appreciate your concern about the future for sites like this, it appears you have a great deal of
    support from the community you have developed here. Hopefully that is reassuring to you as you make your decision. I’m excited to now be a part of this community and would love to continue to do so if you decide to take your blog private. Good luck with your decision and thank you for your great work.


  37. Jim Stavang says:


    I have very much benefitted from your blog and would love to be included if it goes private. My long held unexpressed gratitude for your great generosity.


  38. Luis Rubens says:

    I’m sorry for the course that the things suceed. Honest and very good blogs that show great music and historic artists like this one are damaged by pleople who only looks for win money. Thank you very much for your efforts to upload great music out of the market and let me enjoy it. I hope the storm will passed and the waters keeps calm. I didn’t do coments in your blog but I followed it. If you go private and it’s possible I asked you to include me. Thank you Neal.

  39. Paul says:

    Neal: Your blog has been such a joy! If you do decide to create a private blog, I want to be a part of it. Many thanks, Paul.

  40. Andrei says:

    Dear Neal, thank you for your invaluable work here (truly. a labour of love!)! I’ve made quite a few stunning discoveries (for myself) here. I also want to be admitted to your private blog!

  41. 2ndviolinist (Doug T) says:

    Neal, I wish I could solve your problem. You, Bill, Bryan, Rolf, et. al. have enriched many of our lives. I hope there is a good solution in the near future. You could embed a player on a website, go plebeian on YouTube, who knows. At least we could hear your transfers.
    So for now “So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish”.

  42. Dennis Hardwick says:

    I’m with Andrew. Anything you and Ward can give us is valued.

  43. Gene Poon says:

    The present morass is a reminder that every 50-70 years, some government decides that it just HAS to prove that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I only hope that it does not cost millions of lives this time around to wrest away that power.

    YES, I’d like to be a member when this blog goes private.

  44. George says:

    Hi, Neal!
    Please consider me for an invite if you decide to go private.

  45. Grover Gardner says:

    I’d better chime in to say I’ve enjoyed your posts a lot! I hope you’ll contact me if you go private.

  46. Malatesta says:

    Dear Neal,

    I’ve been following your blog since your first entry – and I’d hate to be without it.
    So please count me in when going private.

    All my best,
    Malatesta (ardent admirer)

  47. Honza says:

    Me too Neal – I have really appreciated your work over the years and would be sad to lose contact because of the current lamentable situation.

  48. Jeffrey Hollander says:

    Neal, your work on this blog has proven to be a wonderful resource for all of us who study historical recordings and the history of performance style change. So thank you!! I do suspect that things will sort themselves out eventually, but if not, and you do decide to privatize the blog, please include me.

  49. aquarius1000 says:

    Neal, I have greatly appreciated everything you have posted. Please count me in if your blog goes private.

    If the present problems blow over (one way or another), I hope to begin posting from my own collection of about 4000 78’s. There is some interesting chamber music which has so far not been reissued in any form (so far as I know), e.g. the Budapest SQ’s Haydn G major Op.76/1 from c.1927, which as a reading I find unequalled in many ways by any later recording (including the 1950s Budapest one).


    • David Mendes says:

      The early Budapest recording of Haydn G Major can be found on and downloaded from the site which is called !!
      It’s amazing that so many things are around.

      Regards from over here,


    • 2ndviolinist (Doug T) says:

      It’s sad the blogs are threatened, I hope things work out and you can start one. I agree 100% about the original Budapest being much better than the later Russian version. The Haydn op 76 #1 was posted by Hanth Szofi at in 2010, assuming it’s the 18+ minute version. He has it at circa 1926. It was also posted by Satyr at, also as 1926. Satyr also posted their Dvorak op.96, Mozart KV 458, Tchaikovsky op.11: Andante cantabile, Borodin: nocturne, Schubert: Quartettsatz D703, and Dittersdorf: Allegro, all fabulous. I was a violinist until I was suddenly retired by an traumatic accident 12 years ago. I love chamber music and have a large collection from CDs, blogs, etc., including Flonzaley SQ, Capet SQ, Klingler SQ, Roth SQ, Casals, Cortot, Thibaud Trio, Concertgebouw Trio, and many more, but it is always a pleasure to find (to me) new groups and new recordings of the many I love. Please let me know if you start a blog or whatever. You can contact me through my YouTube channel (2ndviolinist). You may enjoy some of the content.

  50. Byrd says:

    Neal, Fortunately for me I’ve been following your blog from its very beginning. As Fred says, you are the Gold Standard. If you take the blog private, I hope you’ll allow me to continue along. It’s been a wonderful ride. Thanks for everything!

  51. Terry Harvey says:

    Awful news. I hope you can find a way out of this. You have given me a great deal of pleasure from the recordings you have rescued. I came to professional photography late in life after a career change and my photography lecturer said “Never forget that pornography was invented ten seconds after the birth of photography” – all good inventions can be hi=jacked. Best wishes, Terry Harvey

  52. Thomas says:

    Neal, I just read your post. Please, let me be at your member’s list when you are going private. I look at your blog since some time, I cannot racall when I started. Thank you very much for your great posts. I’m sure that somehow the present problems will be solved in future.

  53. Faustus says:

    Neal, I have never left a comment on your blog, but have often read it and very much appreciated the effort you have put in and the chance to hear many ‘lost’ gems. However, I’d love to be a member when it goes private! Keep up the great work.

  54. philosz says:

    Dear Neal,
    please register me as well! Thanks a zillion!

  55. Herbert Pauls says:

    I would like to add my thanks to all those here. I love historical classical recordings and learn much from others who feel the same. If you do continue in some form, I would be honoured if you would include me in your future activities. I would be most grateful because you have a real wealth of material here. Your time and effort is much appreciated!

  56. cloudy minor says:

    I feel like a thief to comment on this when I was smuggling music out from your blog, but I would be very thankful if you’d allow me to enter your possibly private blog – what you have done has given me a much wider perspective of music . I am very grateful for what you have done for me and (probably many others)

    please excuse my terrible English and truly yours, m

  57. max galliso says:

    Hi Neal,

    I’m a collector of Historical recording and I’m following your post and upload since 2007.
    I are doing a really great job! If you do decide to create a private blog, I’d like to be a member
    of it!

  58. xiaogongyoufu says:

    Thank you for the valuable recordings you’ve posted here.
    I have just been enjoying these great transfers, and am very saddened that the future of this blog is threatened now.
    Please include me when you make this blog private.

  59. David Mendes says:

    Of course I would want to be “included” when and if you make the blog private.
    Best regards from over here

  60. flossmaster says:

    Neal, for a number of years now your blog & your fantastic postings have brightened and enlightened, entertained and educated all of us lucky to share in such great music and artists.
    However and wherever the blog goes, we are all the happier for having been part of the journey.
    I too would greatly value being part of any future private or invited blog if that was an option.
    Thank you especially for the Golovanov & Desormiere-incredible

    Regards & respect

  61. simon woolf says:

    Well I guess something like this was going to happen sooner or later. One would like to think they’d clobber the people who post new releases and leave those who share un-obtainable stuff alone. Sadly they will almost certainly throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water…..

  62. Duncan says:

    Neal, please include me when (and if) you go “Private”. Thanks

  63. Martin says:

    I do enjoy the recordings here and really hope you’ll be able to continue. PLEASE keep me posted on any developments!

  64. PCzar says:

    I hope you will continue your wonderful blog and share with us all these wonderful and rare materials!


  65. dear friend
    i love your site & your “vocation”. thanks very much for your time, generosity, and taste. i hope you come back kicking & i’d be grateful if you’d contact me when you’re thriving again in your new format.
    guys like you are living treasures – more power to you.
    yours sincerely
    alfred venison

  66. makropulos says:

    Neal – I do hope you’ll find a way of continuing your marvellous work with so many rare recordings – it is really appreciated. And if you do decide to make this blog private, I hope it’ll be possible to get an invitation. Best wishes, makropulos

  67. I wonder if there’s some sort of private subscription service that could be used to access you files. I’m a bit hazy about how these things work, surely with a will we can get your wonderful transfers distributed to those who are really interested. I’m here to help if I can.

  68. Paulo says:

    Thanks for the great stuff you’ve posted and I especially appreciate the thoughtful blog entries from which I’ve learned a great deal. It would be a pity if the site goes private and precludes future web surfers from stumbling upon the treasure trove of culture here. Since you take care not to post copyrighted material (or at least material still in print), perhaps you could think about re-organising the recordings into a torrent so it cannot ever be lost so long as someone’s seeding it? Is it possible to add material to a torrent once it’s “up”?

    If you do decide to go private though, please include me too!

  69. Paulo says:

    I just had a thought, have you looked at They host lots of old content completely free – you can find the Pascal Quartet’s Beethoven on there among lots of other great stuff.

  70. Terry says:

    Love this blog. Please keep me updated if ya go private.
    A million thxs.

  71. Antony says:

    Hey Neal,
    It must be so frustrating to have this happen after all your work on these recordings, some of which are gems.
    I’ve had huge pleasure from your blog ever since I discovered it! You have some wonderful things and I’m very impressed with your transfers. If you make this private I’d be most grateful to be invited as a member.

    kind regards,

  72. havergal says:

    I’ve long respected your blog and appreciate all your hard work and caring about this music that’s important to all of us!
    I hope you keep it up. Do keep us posted about your plans.
    Thanks very much!

  73. Rick says:

    Dear Neal,

    I only found this blog today, but I’ve begun downloading Mainardi via Mediafire. Consider me a fan already, as I’m a hopeless 24-bit or better audiophile. P.S. have you considered the Internet Archive? I’ve uploaded much of the original Avant Garde Project (thanks to loudav who started it) there, and hope you have a look!

    Rick in Reno

  74. Hi Neal, your blog is a great inspiration for mine, please if you make it private please include me in your list, you always made very interesting transfers and present great recordings. Thank you for all your efforts. Best wishes. Pablo.

  75. Andrew says:

    Dear Neal,

    Thank you for your outstanding blog! It is one of the treasures of the internet. What you post is done in such a professional and comprehensive manner, I wish you would be running the recording companies, many who continue to release the same recordings in many different incarnations, yet keep many gems locked in their archives. Bravo!

    KInd regards,

  76. Dear Neal,
    Please include me if the blog becomes private. A million thanks for the Busch recordings alone…
    Nathaniel Davis

  77. Peter says:

    Many thanks for the sharing. Keep it on.
    P.S. Please count me in if you want to make your blog private.

  78. Rootie says:

    Have loved your blogs since discovering them about 4 months ago. If you set up pvt one, please let me know!

  79. squirrel says:

    I hope the sheer number of comments on this post has you bolstered! But I do understand: had I been using any other file host than Mediafire when all this $#!+ started I would be seriously considering closing up shop.

    Thanks, in any case, for your efforts and wonderful recordings, which we would otherwise have no chance to hear either commercially or free.


  80. JC says:

    Dear Neal,
    Firstly, thank you for your wonderful contributions. You do a great job in keeping music and traditions alive and continuing. Perhaps MEDIAFIRE works best and fastest. Anyway, it does for me. Do try to keep up the good work and many greatly appreciate it, I am sure.

  81. Mark Landon says:

    Just adding my name to those who would like to be kept informed about your plans, especially if you take the blog private. Thanks for making these recordings available, especially the shellac transfers by Ward Marston (the Piero Coppola series was particularly welcome). It’s ironic that digital storage has never been cheaper, and yet it’s so hard to share files legally.
    Best wishes,

  82. Brian Minsk says:

    I have greatly enjoyed your various offerings as well. Please keep me in the loop if/when your plans change going forward.

    Thanks and warm regards,
    Brian Minsk

  83. Paul says:

    Today I was listening to one of the Cuénod discs you posted (while painting the kitchen) so I thought I’d better check to see how badly the Megaupload mess had affected you. It looks like you have decided to take your blog private, so I thought I’d belatedly thank you for all your hard work. In particular, thank you for introducing me to Cuénod and Golovanov’s Liszt, and for posting the recording of Janáček’s The Diary of One Who Disappeared. I wish you the best.

  84. Steve Kostelecky says:

    I switched machines in the middle of the file sharing mess. I do want to say your blog has meant a great deal to me–I really do love the historical recordings. Please keep me apprised and let me know what I can do to help. Though there are objections to moving to a private blog I still think people will find the site as that is what happens at other blogs I have encountered. In any event, thanks for your sharing nature and hard work.

  85. MBoynick says:

    I’ve visited occasionally in the last few years and would be saddened to lose you…
    Please remember me if you have to ‘hide’.

  86. Richard Simnett says:

    I’d like to add my voice to the appreciative comments above. I learnt about your blog in rmcr and through other blogs, and agree with the commenters above that you present ‘non-commercially viable’ historic recordings of great interest. If you find a way to continue please include me.

  87. Paul says:


    I have greatly enjoyed the historical recordings you have so generously shared with us.
    Please do inform me of any changes you institute in making them available in the future. Thank you.

  88. ChrisS says:

    I’m sorry to hear that there are such problems for you. I have greatly appreciated your making available such interesting material. I should certainly like to be informed if you are are able to continue on a private basis. Many thanks.

  89. kupermanj says:

    Just my luck to discover your amazing blog as the party is ending. 😦
    I found your 24 bit FLAC files of Cuenod’s French Troubadour Music and am absolutely loving it. Good luck in finding a hospitable port in the current storm.

  90. A. Ulyate says:

    I have enjoyed so many of your transfers. Thank you very much. I hope you will be able to continue.

  91. Paul Howe says:

    I had only recently discovered your wonderful site. If you should decide to go private please include me!

  92. Jeff says:

    I am also grateful for everything you’ve shared over the last few years, and would hope to continue to follow your blog wherever it migrates.

  93. Gama says:

    Please invitee me to your new blog. I follow your work with great interest.
    Thank you.

  94. Gustav says:

    I like your blog and i tribute many thanks for your generosity. So, please invite me to your private blog

  95. drray3 says:

    Neal: I Miss your posts and treasure those I have. Do add me to your private list!

  96. geofflebowski says:

    Many thanks for your sterling efforts to keep historical gems alive. the range of your archive is wondrous! Many thanks

  97. deiss philippe says:

    well, I just discover this blog when it is thought to become private … hope you’ll continue your wonderful job ! and all my thanks for what you offered so far ! best regards

  98. jserraglio says:

    Please enter me on your private invite list. I have followed your extraordinary posts ever since their inception.

  99. Fernando F. says:

    Dear Neal
    Im very interested in your blog. can you remember my e-mail for the future. Thanks a lot.

  100. Steve Kostelecky says:

    Just to reiterate–I’d very much like to be invited if your blog goes private.
    Steve Kostelecky

  101. Grace Y.T Jen says:

    Dear Neal, Your blog provided many precious resources about 20th century historical recordings and broaden our eyes about them. If it will become private, please enter me on your private invite list. Thank you very much.

  102. Sergey says:

    Hello Neal,

    Please invite me to your private blog.


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