Sorry about the delay with comments….

I’m sorry that so many comments have been piling up without my getting around to approving them and sending invites to the private blog.  Everyone who knows me and what challenges my schedule presents this time of year in my job as collaborative pianist, knows that it’s crunch time.  This year, I’ve had several out of town concerts to do on top of that of my “day job”.  Adding to that,  I’m trying to get the Ravel Trio into my (and colleagues) fingers (and brains!) for a concert in about a month.

So……I ask for your understanding and patience.  I will try to send invites out soon, but I’m afraid if I approve comments I will hopelessly lose track of who I have or haven’t invited.  Let me just thank everyone again for all of the great feedback and support.



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15 Responses to Sorry about the delay with comments….

  1. gpdlt2000 says:

    Just in case, I will appreciate an invite, Neal. Thanks in advance.

  2. Emilio says:

    Dear Neal, It’s OK and fine that you will carry on! Please post it here in your blog when you are going to start a new thing, so that everyone can apply for it. I would like to be on that bus, too!

  3. Eric says:

    I would like to be a member of your private blog list. Thank you fore all the fine music and rare performances.

  4. Joseph Serraglio says:

    Please enter me on your private invite list. I have followed your extraordinary posts ever since their inception.

  5. FEM says:

    I would like to be a member of your private blog list, too. Thank you for for fine collection

  6. Elias says:


    I’m new to visiting blogs and happened on yours. We share a wonderful Yahoo group and I have treasured your offerings there. Should you start up a new blog I would very much like to be invited. Many thanks!

  7. Phillip Silver says:

    Dear Neal, I would very much like to be included as a member of your private blog list. You provide a very unique and valuable resource!

  8. mike harkin says:

    by when should we have an invite, and what to do if we haven’t got one by then?

    • mike harkin says:

      Good news! I would very much like an invitation to your blog!

      please also send one to Russ Miller []. He is the techie, who
      actually does ‘my’ downloads, as I have neither equipment nor knowledge to do it myself.
      Thanks for your yeoman work!

  9. pvlos says:

    You do wonderful work here and I have followed you for awhile. Many thanks… I, too, want a ticket to ride!

    • Eric says:

      I assume that, since I am getting emails from you, that I am signed up for your blog. If not, please add me to the list of fans of your posts.

  10. If it’s not too late, I’d also like to request an invitation. Thanks so much for your transfers. I was listening to the Libuse excerpts today.

  11. rickycosmin says:

    Hi – Of course you are running just about the most interesting blog postings of historical importance, and following it has been as rewarding as it has been informative, so naturally I want to be included in its “afterlife.” I am full of gratitude, and, thanks to you, curiosity.

  12. xerxes gorgias says:

    Please consider adding me to your private blog — if I may be so bold to ask. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

  13. Rick M. says:

    Didn’t know that you’re a collab pianist – me too! Definitely crunch time. 🙂

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