Private blog and new posts, and a note on sharing the material I post

I know I invited all of you that expressed interest to my “private” blog, but I’m now beginning to post items there and NOT here.  If I missed sending an invite please leave a comment and I’ll make sure you are allowed access!

One restriction of the private setting (as it is on all blog hosting services) is that you must create a WordPress login username and password in order for WordPress to recognize you as an authorized user.

I’m not sure if the invite gives the new url or not…could someone leave a comment and let me know?

I’m going to plagiarize one of the comments that may help navigating to the new site:
There’s an “Accept Invitation” button (actually a live link) which activates your personal user’s key and automatically transfers you to the new site. You can’t enter the site without first clicking on that link. In case the live link (button) doesn’t work, copy & paste the url provided at the bottom of the page.


Apparently I need to say something about a subject that really should just be good manners.  The recordings I choose to post here may be distributed in a wider manner outside this private blog by myself ONLY.  If you would like to share them, please ask my permission, and abide by my decision.  The fact that I have taken this blog private indicates that I don’t like how files are being accessed on my public blog.  Ok, back to friendly thoughts of sharing some fun stuff in a world where the big companies “can’t give it away”….so I DO!


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135 Responses to Private blog and new posts, and a note on sharing the material I post

  1. Neal – many thanks for the invite, unfortunately I am being prompted for a username and password …. I am afraid I do not recall setting those parameters. Thanks

    • tatifan says:

      Yes, I forgot to mention that you must create a WordPress login/pw….I’ve added that info to the post. Sorry about that!

      • mike harkin says:

        Please send me an invitation, as well as to Russell W Miller []. He’s the techie who actually does the work for me, as I have not the eqpt or knowledge.

      • drray3 says:

        Dear Neal: I applied well over a year back, but have received no notice of membership that I recall. I very much miss being able to get your high quality posts. Ray Pratt.

    • Albert Innaurato says:

      Hello Neal, I didn’t receive an invitation. I’d like to get one. Thanks. (

  2. Michael says:

    I have enjoyed you fine music collection and would like an invite to your new blog. Thanks in Advance

    • boxcarmike says:

      Neal I signed up for and received access to a wordpress account so I could listen to your fine collection of recordings but I can`t seem to find the way to access to your site. Any help or second chance would be greatful and appreciated Thanks

  3. hello tati, please allow me to vvist your new blog and load this Mengelberg 9th

  4. coratogia says:

    strange mistake on my name , corrected now

  5. Steven Reveyoso says:

    Hi Neal,

    I’m Steve Reveyoso and would love to join your private blog. Thanks, ever so much. Best wishes.


    • Steven Reveyoso says:

      Thanks for the instructions, Neal. Can you advise how I get to your posts after creating and logging into my new WordPress account? Best wishes.

  6. William says:

    I would as well!. My best wishes,

  7. David Leonard says:

    Hi Neal,

    Please may I have an invitation? I love these old recordings.


  8. Bryan Bishop says:

    Hi Neal,

    please count me in for joining your private blog. Best wishes, Bryan

  9. Buster says:

    Hello Neal,

    Please invite me to your private blog.

    Big 10-Inch Record

  10. friedrice32 says:

    To echo what Steve has written, how do we get to your blog after we have set up the login parameters?


  11. e2thec says:

    Hi Neal,

    I am new to your blog (found it via Random Classics’ blogroll) and would be grateful for an invite, if that works for you. My music blog can be found here.

    Best regards,

  12. Farhan Malik says:

    I would like access to the private blog too. Thanks. Farhan

  13. Please “count me in” as well if you would Neil. Thank you.

  14. And why did I spell it “Neil” when I know full well it’s “Neal”? Well, at least you know a human typed this…

  15. dgbeecher says:

    Hello Neal,
    I’d love an invite to the new site. Thanks so much!

  16. m_simon59 says:

    Hello Neal,
    I’d love an invite to the new site. Thanks so much!

  17. Griomo says:

    Oh dear. Dear Neal, just recently I stumbled upon this blog (Reger and Galimir, thanks a lot!), then digging by large chunks through such great treasure of your efforts in effect continuation of others’, back to the 2008 bottom – resurfacing only to this message. Do keep on by whatever means you deem appropriate, I lack ability to appreciate the technical aspects of these transfers, but oh then cannot seem to overestimate their essential worth as well. Just listening, learning, smiling big. Please include me – and do leave a light on in public, for other stumblers.

  18. sid79 says:

    hello Neal, please send me an invite as well to your blog. I am new here & also new to European classical music

  19. nickatbc says:

    If I’m not too late, I too would like an invitation. I love these old recordings!

  20. rgagnaux says:

    Hi Neal

    I would like to have access to your the private blog, please invite me to your new blog.
    Many thanks, René

  21. Jolyon says:

    Dear Neal

    Please invite me to your private blog.

    Best wishes

    Fluff on the Needle

  22. barrierl says:

    Hi Neal. Please can I have an invite to the new site?

  23. Rob Peach says:

    Hi Neal, I don’t remember asking for an invite to your private Blog, so consider this as my request. Thanks in advance.


  24. Fred says:

    Hi Neal,

    Please invite me to your blog.



  25. chefava says:

    Hi Neal

    I would be glad to be admitted to read your private blog.

    Many thanks in advance


  26. gogorza says:

    Hi Neal,
    I just created my wordpress account to get an invitation to your private blog. Greetings from gogorza, aka Emilio

  27. Hans Kellner says:

    May I belong to this group? Your site is quite

  28. Michael Simpson says:

    An invitation to your private blog would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

  29. Carrington Dixon says:

    An invitation would be truly appreciated.


  30. Satyr says:

    Hi Neal, I also like an invitation to your blog! Thanks in advance and greetings! Satyr

  31. PANOVNIK says:

    Dear Neal,
    Please, Please me…..
    Thank you in advance!

  32. Lee says:

    Would love to take part…

  33. j60anton says:

    Hi Neal, could you invite me to your private blog. Thanks

  34. wursthans says:

    Would really like an invite, too 🙂

  35. taufiq52 says:

    For the past year or so I have particularly admired your Czech postings, as well as the informed style of your presentation – so an invitation to continue would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks, Peter.

  36. I would be pleased to have an invitation.

  37. kostas60 says:

    Dear Neal,
    Thanks for sharing the good work — the Czech stuff in particular!
    I’d be most happy to be among the invited.
    Best regards,

  38. Jeff says:

    I would also be grateful for an invitation to join.

  39. Judging from the excellence of your “public” blog, I’d love to join your private one. Thanks!!

    Peter (

  40. Allen Combs says:

    Dear Neal,

    I have tremendously enjoyed your postings, both in terms of the interesting repertoire and artists and the excellent quality of your transfers. I missed the chance to request an invitation to join your new blog when first offered, and I hope it is not too late to make that request now. I would be delighted to be able to continue my enjoyment of your efforts!



  41. Grumpy says:

    Dear Neal, my apologies – I have been very remiss in not being in touch. I would love to receive an invitation and I hope to resume sharing dubs myself, just as soon as I can finish this blessed thesis! Best wishes, Nick

  42. Vinicius says:

    Hi, Neal
    I would like to joing you in your private blog, if possible.
    Best regards.


  43. Edward Sargent says:

    OK; my account has been activated, I have password. But what do I do then? Can someone tell me? I can’t figure it out. Everything I do seems to lead me back here!

    • Edward Sargent says:

      Closer, maybe. I’ve got the account and the password but when I enter the URL for the new site I am told I do not have access to the site; I need something else. But what?

      • tatifan says:

        Hmm…are you using the same email that I sent the invitation to? Unfortunately I can’t duplicate the issue since I’m logged in as administrator. Anyone here have some advice?


      • Edward Sargent says:

        So far as I know I am using the original. I have only one e-mail account. My WordPress account was activated and I was welcomed. The problem comes when I try to select “the blog that I follow” – having entered my e-mail address and password – when I enter the URL a notice in red pops up telling me I do not have access to that blog. I’m glad to hear from you and am hopeful that I can connect. Tx

      • kostas60 says:

        Hi Edward,

        I think you’re not following the correct procedure. Forget the browser for a moment and look for the invitation e-mail in your mail client. There’s an “Accept Invitation” button (actually a live link) which activates your personal user’s key and automatically transfers you to the new site. You can’t enter the site without first clicking on that link.

        Hope this helps; keep us posted.


      • kostas60 says:

        In case the live link (button) doesn’t work, copy & paste the url provided at the bottom of the page.

  44. Rick Reynolds says:

    I’m more of a lurker than a blogger, but I regularly get stuff from you I could never get on my own, ever (Ever!) and would appreciate an invitation to your private blog. Don’t know how you do it but thankks for doing it, and keeping it up like this.

  45. guille5473 says:

    Would you be so kind as to invite me to your wonderfull blog…? Thank you

  46. Gian Piero says:

    hi, I’d like that too thanks 🙂

  47. Jim Stavang says:


    I’d like to visit your new site.

    Jim Stavang

  48. Edward Sargent says:

    AHA! It is easy when you know how. I didn’t. Thank you.

  49. Duddy Kravitz says:

    Thanks for making many of these rare recordings available. Much appreciated along with the fine job you do restoring these recordings as well. Hopefully, I may be added to your “private list” to access additional performances as well.

  50. R.J Lawless says:

    I’d appreciate an invite to the other side.
    Be thanking you.

  51. Paul says:

    Hi Neal! I want to be a visitor to your “private pages” …. I am a huge fan of your site and want to be in the future with you!

  52. T.S. Schurk says:

    Neal-I really enjoyed (and appreciated) your public blog, and would love to get an invite to the new private one! Thanks!

  53. Dylan Thomas Hayden says:

    I have enjoyed this blog very much and would like to be invited to your new one. Thank you.

  54. kalvesta says:

    Hello Neal,

    Very many thanks for providing access to your recordings. I would be most grateful for the chance to continue visiting your blog. My email is:

    Thanks for the time and trouble and of course the music.

    Jon Munk

  55. donp777 says:


    I’d like to visit, please!

    Keep up the good work.


  56. mike harkin says:

    Should the wordpress be one you already have, or should it be different? And it sounds like I need to set it up before you can send the invitation? All hep urgently needed and appreciated by
    one who is basically computer illiterate!

  57. rbratcherjr says:

    I’d lke access to your private blog & I do have a WordPress account. Robert M. Bratcher Jr oh & I also enojoyed your public blog too.

  58. HI, tatifan, please leave me visit you in the new sanatorium, my mail is:

    Thanks in advance.

  59. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but wordpress sent me into a do-loop and I can’t tell if my earlier comment was posted. Anyway, I wanted to know if there is any way to receive email notices only of music posts? I signed up for the email notification option, but since then I’ve been flooded with lots of essentially personal communications (mostly asking to join, as I did) that are of little interest to the rest of us. Hopefully that will diminish over time, but otherwise it seems better to forego the email option and just check in every week or so for new posts. Any thoughts?

    • tatifan says:

      Maybe there’s a setting that you can change. It looks like under “settings” and then “email post changes” you can adjust this. It’s a bit difficult for me to know exactly what a user sees as opposed to administrator. Sorry about that!

      • petergutmann says:

        Under “subscription options” the only options available seem to be to receive all comments as emails or none. So I guess the only way to sidestep the current flurry of personal comments (in the sense of being directed solely to you and of little interest to others) is to decline emails and check your private site periodically for new postings. (That’s not to say that I’m unimpressed with the huge outpouring of interest from folks interested in following your posts, which is a wonderful testament to the level of excellent quality that you’ve come to represent — congratulations on that !!)

  60. gschatzk says:

    agree with all of your comments.None of your material goes outside my home.It is only for me.
    I have requested access to your private blog.May i please be accepted.
    george schatzkamer

  61. Alan Cooper says:

    Neal, I would be grateful for an invitation to your private blog. With thanks,

  62. guenter says:

    Dear Neal,
    I would like to get access to your new site.You have wonderfull old recordings and
    very illuminating comments on them

  63. quantum says:

    Please access this great blog. Can do please you send me an invitation? Thanks a lot.

  64. Daniel says:

    Dear Neal,
    I enjoy your blog very much. I’ve learned a great deal from your comments and appreciate the many rarities you have been making available. I would be most grateful if you would invite me to join you at your new blog. My email:

  65. Al Lesitsky says:

    I would be honored to be invited to your private blog. I have enjoy the public one for some time now and would love to continue listening to your excellent transfers.

  66. ylshek says:

    Thank you so much for posting the old recordings. I’d love to follow your posts!

  67. leo nagy says:

    Please, can send me the invitation! Yours is my extra-favorite blog.
    Thanks in advance!

  68. Sturla says:

    Dear Neal,
    thank you for your previous blog and your excellent transfers. I would like to get access to your new private blog.

  69. George Odette says:

    I would appreciate it if you would invite me to your new site. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance!

  70. Thorel Jean says:

    Hi Neal,
    I’d like to get an invitation from you.Please tell me what I should do….. Thanks.

  71. rbratcherjr says:

    I’m still waiting on my invitatiuon to your private blog Neal. Not complaining but I haven’t recieved it yet to see what I’m missing in your new blog. Thanks for the invite. .And I do have a WordPress account.

  72. Jeff Bacich says:

    Thanks for all your past posts. If you can, I’d like an invite to your private blog.

  73. Josefgreindl says:

    Dear Neal! Thank you very much for wonderful work. I also want invite to your blog!!!

  74. Mr Sausage says:

    Dear Neal,
    thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the transfer of these wonderful recordings. I would appreciate an invitation to your new private blog.Thanking you in advance,

  75. Dear Neal,
    I’d very much like to to continue following your blog!
    Cheers and thanks in advance

  76. Philip Walsh says:

    You’ve got a great site here.
    May I apply to visit your private blog?
    Thank you.

  77. Jean-Louis says:

    Please Neal grant me an invitation…

  78. maxmorphing says:

    Hi, I’m Max from Italy and I appreciated your great work, so, please, could you send me an invite to your private blog, if you like. Thanks in advance.

  79. Greetings, Neal! May I please have an invite too? Thank you kindly for all your work!

  80. leo nagy says:

    I’ve received your invitation. I have problems to sign up to wordpress. i don’t receive the confirmation mail from it. Know you which is the problem?

    • tatifan says:

      Is it possible that your spam catcher “caught” it? Sorry, it’s difficult for me to reproduce the procedure and see what it looks like. Anyone have suggestions?

  81. rbratcherjr says:

    Neil, many thanks for your invite to the private blog. Got it a few days ago….

  82. Jake says:

    Hi Neal,

    Would love an invitation to your blog. Great artists you bring!


  83. Chi says:

    Dear Neal,
    Please, Please me…..
    Thank you in advance!

  84. leo nagy says:

    Hello, Neil I sign up finally to wordpress 1
    I enjoy your new page now!

  85. Hi, Neal, I didn’t get an invite but would love one!

  86. Jake says:

    Dear Neal,
    Thank you for your blog! I would like to get invited to your new private blog.

    May I also suggest Kulenkampff as someone to transfer. There are so few recordings by him..

  87. Eric says:

    Neal –
    I’ve really enjoyed the recordings you’ve posted. You’ve convinced me to explore a number of artists which I previously knew only by name. I’d appreciate an invite sent in my direction. Thanks.


  88. hikerrs says:

    Hi Neal,
    I would greatly appreciate an invite to your ne blog.
    Best regards,

  89. Elias says:


    I thought I had received your invitation to the private blog but since signing up for wordpress (username: maprophet) can’t find or access it. Would love another chance at it! Thanks!


  90. francesco ugolini says:

    hi neal- I would also greatly appreciate an invite.
    Great work
    best regards

  91. Stuart Thomas says:

    Dear Neal, I am extremely keen on historical recordings; they offer a unique glimpse of performing practice which seems to have all but vanished in this homogenized world! Thank you for all your work bringing them to us so far, and I would love to access your recordings in your private blog, if you agree. Yours sincerely, Stuart Thomas

  92. annagranfors says:

    Hi, Neal–I’d love to get an invite to your new location…I think the classical music I’m fondest of is the vintage variety that you specialize in, as I always think of it as closer to the original intention of the composer. (There are a few “newbies” I quite like, but the thrill of hearing the Busch Quartet doing Beethoven and Schubert when I first found them defines what I love about the older versions.)

    Cheers, and thanks in advance!

  93. Karl Albert says:

    Hi Neal,
    I did not get an invitation but would like very much to get one… Many thanks in advance,

  94. Chris Saunders (krokelva) says:

    I can’t remember getting an invite to your new(ish) blog, Neal, but I’d really appreciate it if its possible!
    By the way, did you by any chance post a series of performances of Russian music retrieved from 1950s Colombia LPs, featuring among other delights Oscar Levant in Rubinstein’s Piano Concerto no 4 in D minor, op 70, with Mitropoulos and NY Phil?

    I generally note where I get my downloaded stuff from, but haven’t this time unfortunately.

    all the best,

  95. Sangho Yi says:

    Dear Neal,

    I will greatly appreciate it if you kindly send an invitation to your great site.
    I have been an avid fan of your site. I think that music posted at your site is all invaluable.

    Many thanks,


  96. wmichaeltaylor says:

    Dear Neal, may I please have an invitation to your new account? Michael

  97. pjminton says:

    Would love an invite to your private blog. Thanks in advance.

  98. Norbert Zauberman says:

    Dear Neal,

    What you have been doing is simply breathtaking !

    Do you plan to release the Maurice Gendron early recordings ( Dvorak concerto for decca juyt before Fournier recorded it in the late 40′ or early 50′, plus several 10 inche 78′, and the Chansons Madecasses by Ravel with Rampal, Jansen, Bonneau
    French LP DECCA LXT 2774 and short pieces on Decca AG 63 ( see a link to an ebay offer

    He has been one on my beloved teachers and I so much wish his Artistry should be better known

    Thanks and best regards from sunny Paris, France

  99. bmtdoc says:

    I would very much appreciate an invitation to your private blog. I have enjoyed your previous posts here and in the other forums. Thanks.

  100. epronayne says:

    Hi Neil:
    I’m a long-time follower of your blogs. I would tremendously appreciate being given permission to your new private blog.

    Ed Ronayne

  101. Hi Neal,
    Could I get an invitation so I could continue to explore your blog?
    Thanks in advance

  102. ChangHee says:

    I have enjoyed this blog very much and would like to be invited to your new one. Thank you.

  103. Harry Vanheuckelom says:

    I would like access to the private blog too. Thanks. Harry

  104. yankelshmilik says:

    Dear Neal,
    I would be grateful for an invitation to your private site.
    Thanks for your work.

  105. will crutchfield says:

    would appreciate access to the private blog if possible. (and – while at it – any chance you have the Ravel String Quartet recorded for National Gramophonic Society by the Virtuoso String Quartet?) thanks – Will Crutchfield

    • tatifan says:

      Sorry about the delay in getting some of my invitations out! Thanks for your patience.

      @Will. Thanks for visiting! I don’t have that recording, but I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for it, and ask a friend of mine who has a good number of those sets.

      • adolf1955 says:

        Hello, several years after, the blog follows?
        Please send me and invitation
        Thanks in advance

  106. ChrisS says:

    Hallo! I thought I had sent a message asking to be invited to your private site, but I can’t find it above. Is it still possible, please?

  107. Steve Kostelecky says:

    Hi Neal,
    I thought I had asked for an invite but it looks as though I didn’t. Could I still ask for one? Your site has been a real bright spot for me and I am much appreciative of your hard work and generous spirit.
    Steve Kostelecky

  108. ChrisS says:

    Hallo – I have just received an email with the last of the above posts, so I am apparently in your system, but I have not received an invitation to your new blog. Could I have one, please?

  109. David Harrison says:

    I’d like an invitation to you new private blog … thanks for all your hard work and dedication, just enjoying the Jeremias “New World” … they don’t make ’em like that any more! 🙂 David

  110. Ray Pratt says:

    If I have not asked for an invitation, do invite me. I treasure all the old Wuher Vox recordings you shared.

  111. petergutmann says:

    Just wanted to check — I signed up several months ago (or at least thought I completed the process) but haven’t received any notices of activity. Am I missing something, or are you still preparing to launch? (I certainly appreciate the effort required, press of other commitments, etc., so I’m not being pushy or critical — just want to be sure I’m “in the loop,” as I wouldn’t want to miss out on the fine quality that your public site promises.)

  112. taoman12 says:

    Dear Neal, I’ve been following your treasured publications for a couple of years now; I wonder if I could get an invitation to your Historical Corner blog.

  113. ChrisS says:

    I don’t understand why I receive notification by email of other people’s comments on your site, but my own requests to visit your site have had no response

  114. sneffels says:

    Hi Neal!
    I’d really appreciate an invite to your blog as well.
    (I followed it some time ago but lost the URL until now.)
    And thank you for all the superb music you’ve shared with us!

  115. Alan Cooper says:

    I guess I’m awfully late to this party, but I definitely would appreciate an invitation to the private blog. I thought I had requested it long ago, but evidently not. With thanks and good wishes,


  116. drray3 says:

    Would love to get on your list. Have asked 2 or 3 times in past,but heard nothing. Please?
    Ray Pratt

    • Neil are you back.All of us who think so highly of your transfers hope so.There are so many items I was fortunate enough to have downloaded from your site.If I may ask please,can I receive an invite to your private blog.
      Thanks very much,
      george schatzkamer

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