I’m sorry to do this, but after receiving complaints about some of my Mediafire uploads, I have made the decision to remove all of my files from Mediafire and file links from posts. It’s not simply that I’m angry with them and their moronic policies, but I’m also tired of having friends go to download files, and to be assaulted with the horrible, and often virus-laden pop up ads that are part of the Mediafire “experience”!  At this time, I am unable to believe in one service to the point that I’m willing to invest the time and money toward re-uploading yet again in the hopes of permanent storage.  Even if I were to do so, it’s clear that sharing any recordings these days is considered to be copyright infringement by many.  This supposed US law of 95 year copyright protection has led a whole generation of historic record collectors to share anonymously and surreptitiously.  Here’s an article from ARSC about the problem.

Perhaps somewhere down the road the climate will change, and those of us trying to share these neglected orphan recordings will be appreciated instead of harassed. Until the time when I can find a way to share, I’m afraid I will not be able or willing to share my work in publicly accessed blogs. I had thought that the solution of my private blog might be the solution to some of the problems, but that still doesn’t solve the problem of accessibility to my files.

I will leave the essays and notes I have written up for reference, and perhaps I’ll try my hand at some commentary on some areas of related interest.  Until then, my deepest gratitude to all who have supported my work and made valuable comments over the nearly 6 years since I began.  I can’t say how grateful it has made me to participate in the community of those who love the wonderful legacy we have of recorded music!!



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9 Responses to Sorry….

  1. I have “Liked” your comment to show my support for the untenable position you, and our community, finds itself in. Best of luck in the future. I will keep my eyes open for your web presence in whatever form it takes.
    All best,

  2. Ben says:

    Neal, thank you so much for all your efforts over these years. You have widened my experience of recorded music, performers, and performance practices in a most enjoyable way. I wish you only the best and hope that some way will again become apparent for you to do the sharing that you’re so good at.

  3. fattoxxon says:

    Neal, your selection of performers and repertoire has always been fascinating & enlightening: I have gained so much! I hope you will one day be able to share your enjoyment & knowledge again without being made to feel like a pirate 🙂 In the meantime, we all have many warm & happy memories we can re-explore from yor past generosity; and I hope you will be able to enjoy your ‘semi-retirement’ for a while!! All best wishes.

  4. Gensho says:

    Thank you very much. Sad to see the end but much good has been done by you.

  5. Brian says:

    Neal, I have enjoyed your recordings and wish to thank you. I also suggest that you join symphonyshare, a community of like-minded folks sharing unavailable recordings and such. One of the members has donated private server space for member use and I think it works much better than the various commercial file hosting sites. I believe you can join at!forum/symphonyshare. Best regards!

  6. Neal, I have followed your blog with great interest (and have linked your blog on VoiceTalk) since finding it a little more than a year ago, and lament the current state of affairs. Thank you for your generosity and forthrightness.

  7. Too many of us, bloggers sharing old recordings are closing down. We have to find a solution. Courage!

  8. Dylan Thomas Hayden says:

    What a shame! It was a great blog. I very much enjoyed the music you presented here and will continue to do so. Thanks and best wishes.

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