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Complete 1934-35 Polydor recordings by the Galimir Quartet

I’m finally back with some music!  I’m still not quite sure on the private or non-private status of my blog down the road, but I have finally caught up with the large number of comments asking for invitations.  Sorry about … Continue reading

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Henri Merckel. Works by Mozart, Faure, Ravel, Pierne, Bozza

Yes, it’s been a long time since my last post…I’ll try not to make promises I can’t keep, but it’s been very difficult to find time to work on transfers the past few months.  Thank god for the holidays! So, … Continue reading

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Paul Bazelaire, Isidore Philipp. Saint-Saëns Cello Sonata No. 1

I hadn’t intended to take a complete break from posting this summer, but that’s what ended up happening!  In any case, I’m trying a new home, for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately the comments I’ve received recently at the usual … Continue reading

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French Chamber Music (mostly!). Saint-Saëns, Chausson, D’Indy

Paul Bazelaire This post is a grab bag of sorts, with a couple of old recordings I’ve revisited, and several that are new offerings. It started out as a French chamber music compilation, but a couple of orchestral items are … Continue reading

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Adolf Busch, Pt. 2. Bach, Beethoven (with Serkin) AND Acoustic Recordings

As promised, here is the balance of my Adolf Busch (and company) tribute. A number of these recordings were unissued at the time they were recorded. A few were first issued in an Odyssey Lp set from the 1970s, but … Continue reading

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Busch String Quartet. American Columbia recordings & EMI Brahms

For the most part, I’ve not featured recordings on this blog that have seen wide circulation, but there are few items in the discography of Adolf Busch or the Busch Quartet that are rarities. So, I may be stepping on … Continue reading

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Karol Szymanowski. Plays Two Mazurkas, and speaks.

Years ago I came across a set of Lps from the Polish label Polskie Nagrania Muza, which made me an instant convert to the music of composer Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937), up until that point in my life only a figure … Continue reading

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