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‪Otakar Jeremiáš‬. Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 (Esta, 1940s)

I’ve had this on my “to do” list for over two years now!  My friend Tobias posted this about four years ago in mp3 format, and I asked if I might have a “go at it”, so he generously sent … Continue reading

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Smetana: Libuše: excerpts. 1940’s Ultraphon recording

Keeping with the Czech theme of my recent posts, here is a rare set of excerpts from Smetana’s own favorites of his operas, Libuše. Of course, I was interested in this set because of the sides led by Otakar Jeremiáš, … Continue reading

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Otakar Jeremiáš. Smetana: Má vlast (1943 Ultraphon)

There are so many essential recordings of Má vlast, that it’s nearly impossible to keep the list down to a handful. Talich (3 versions), Kubelik (at least 5!), Sejna, Krombholc & Ancerl, are just some of the Czech conductors who … Continue reading

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Otakar Jeremiáš & Karel Boleslav Jirák. Rare Ultraphon 78s

I’m very proud to present this gorgeous group of Czech 78s, built around the work of two contemporary conductor/composers: Otakar Jeremiáš (1892-1962), and Karel Boleslav Jirák (1891–1972). If they are known at all these days, it is through their recordings, … Continue reading

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